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Friday, July 18, 2008

i wish you were mine

I need a new sofa BADLY. It's not like my current sofa and chair are old (maybe 7-8 years old; okay... maybe that is old). The back offers no support, the pillows are misshapen, and the leather is worn (that's not really a bad thing). The bulk of the problem is they are no longer comfortable to sit on. We are always fighting over pillows so that we can have some back support. The sofa and chair probably should have been replaced 2-3 years ago (maybe longer). It hasn't happened because it seems like a shame to just throw out something that cost so much.

Our sofa and chair, as I mentioned, are leather. We have three dogs and it's nice to see the dog hair just fall off instead of stick. That's another reason why we keep this poor excuse of a sofa and chair. Another leather pair would be so expensive.

A week or two ago, we stopped by West Elm to buy a shelf. As we waited, Hubby started to check out the sofas. He was looking at the Tillar Modular Seating. I've never been a fan of sectionals but I thought it was neat how the backs work. The back supports can be shifted on the platform to create a new arrangement. I kept leaning back on them anticipating falling backwards but it never happened. I suddenly saw some potential of a sectional.

The next day, we had to go back to West Elm because of missing hardware and a dink on one of the pieces; and then he discovered another sectional- the Thompkins Sectional. I sat on it and it was so soft and plush. I started to daydream nights of lazy TV watching and just spreading across the chaise. It was then I fully understood the potential of a sectional. Unlike the first sectional, this one is filled with down so you can just imagine its comfort. I want it in the natural fabric (the left side of the picture). Finally, I look at the price tag and it reads $2598. I thought West Elm was suppose to be cheap. Damn it... I wish you were mine.

West Elm 'Thompkins' sectional $2598

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