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Saturday, July 12, 2008

i'm going to start sewing again

Back in 7th or 8th grade, I took a home economics class (I wonder what they call it nowadays). It's probably my most favorite class while in middle school because I don't remember much else. Anyways, in that class, we learned how to sew and I made a skirt. After that class, I had my mom take me to the fabric store and I made a ton more of those skirts. I don't even remember what I did with them after I made them because I surely didn't wear them.

Last year, Hubby and I repainted our kitchen, dining room, and living room. I even had some guy re-upholster my bench/ coffee table but to put it bluntly, he did a shit job. Not in the mood to shell out another $200+, I have left it the way it is. I also had grandiose plans to make my own pillows because the ones at Anthropologie that I wanted so badly were too freakin' expensive. I bought all this fabric in browns and blues to go with my ugly bench. Since last summer, the fabrics have been sitting in the bag they came in.

Aside from an overhaul cleaning job I'm trying to do of my home, I've decided that I need to make use of all the fabric this summer. I'm even thinking of taking old duvet covers and tableclothes and turning them into something I will use again.

In behalf of my newfound interest, I have purchased two books. They look like a lot of fun, too. They are Simple Sewing and Bend-the-Rules Sewing. I'm most excited of the latter book because it comes from the same person of Angry Chicken, an awesome blog about sewing, cooking, and whatnot.

I'm also interested in buying the book by Built by Wendy designer- Wendy Mullin. She makes the coolest clothes and she even has a book about sewing, as well as, a bunch of sewing patterns for Simplicity. Man... don't get me started about Built by Wendy. If I could own everything she designs, I would. She's that awesome.

Okay... to the point, I'm going to start sewing. I already have a machine that I bought several years ago (when I thought I should hem my own pants; laziness and the need for professional crafsmanship has caused me to go to a tailor). Hopefully, it still works. It probably just needs a bit of grease. My dining table has been (temporarily) been cleared of all the junk. Now, it's just time to start sewing. Maybe, I will have made at least one thing by the end of the summer. It better be a pillow!

books are sitting on top of crappy bench (at least the fabric is nice)


Adrienne said...

Enjoy your sewing adventures!!!!

wroxton said...

Thank you. I'm also a knitter but sewing a shirt sounds like more fun than knitting a sweater.