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Saturday, July 19, 2008

jas mb

I was almost very good yesterday. I bought nothing at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Maybe, at the end, I will go back and purchase some underwear and hosiery like I had planned but there will be no crocheted Uggs for me.

Instead, I went to Barneys and what a delightful shopping experience it was. I got to see one of my favorite sales associates, Steven. Then, he saddened me with the news that he will be moving to Chicago. In any case, we still had fun.

A friend was telling me about a cheap Mike & Chris jacket that she saw on their website. When I went to the site to see what she's talking about, I said, "I just bought that!." So... I asked for a price adjustment and he kindly did that for me. As I was going to check out the handbags, he told me that Amanda put a jacket on hold for me. WHAT! He pulls it out and it's the Loomstate 'Coronado' crop jacket. I couldn't believe she remembered that I wanted it. As we looked around, I found amazing deals on a Kerrigan ladder tee tunic dress and pull on pants. Score!

But before even that, like I said, I wanted to look at bags. I was immediately drawn to a crackled gold Mike & Chris clutch. It's now mine. And then, I would discover Jas M.B. I never heard of this designer before. He is one of those designers that is so sought after but not the easiest to find.

All of his bags and accessories are handmade in London. He uses fine Italian leather that is dyed and treated in house. The craftsmanship is impeccable and I love the weightless construction. If you are so lucky to be in London, then you can go to Doors by Jas M.B. to get your fix. If not, you can still go their site.

Barneys is one of the few retailers that you find these amazing bags. There was one on sale and it was so lovely. It's only drawback was the fact it was white... WHITE!!! If I had it, it would stay white for maybe ONE DAY. I can just imagine wearing jeans and seeing a light shade of blue on one side of this bag. I don't need something that is going to give me that kind of stress.

So... end point- now I need a Jas M.B bag (but in black). I'm being tortured right now because there is one on sale at ShopBird for $299 (originally $738). Maybe someone will buy it and I can live with regret for not getting (or on the flipside, get it and have regret for spending more money). It's a lose-lose situation.

Here are some pics of their beautiful bags to tempt you (and me).

Asbo banana flat

Asbo medium hobo

Asbo tall flat

Knot Bowler medium

Knot Wings small

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Jenny said...

Hi there, I imagine that you're in NYC. I had a similar experience at Barneys not two weeks ago. I've been looking for five years for the perfect, 'real' handbag and hate MJ and any $500+ bags made in China (exploited labor, civil issues there,..). So, I fell in love with the Navy suede/Marine hobo. It comes in black too. It's the perfect shape, size, colour, construction and the side pockets and large center pocket are perfect for dividing up the goodies. There's one blue left but Barneys is carrying a few in black suede. Lovely! Happy hunting! xoj