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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Just like everybody else, I'm ready for fall. I always love layering. I love turtlenecks, sweaters, boots, and scarves. I don't think I've been more ready as I am this year. I want to get ready for fall with Kova&T.

Kova&T is ready, too. They've already made a name for themselves with their oxy leggings. They are seen on all the celebrities and they are pretty easy to find. Now, their fall collection is starting to show up,too. I love what they have come up with. There are great pieces for layering and bundling up. I just want it all.

Lani cardigan,cowl tee, London tank, pedal pusher
two button tank, tiny suede cardigan, Katya98 skinny w/ zipper
Snoon wrap, Milo skirt, cowl tee

cowl tee, Kit dress
Riva dress, Josephine bustier
Amsterdam tee, mid-rise Christina98

Lucy dress, lace leggings
tiny suede cardigan, Charisse dress, oxy leggings
Polli dress

Andy tank, Sandy98 skinny
grandpa cardigan, Eb leggings
Lani cardigan, Sophia leotard, Christina98 bootcut


we wear things said...

ooh...i'm a fan! love the color palette, the textures, the shapes...i think its all fab.

- roz

allison said...

I love allll of it. And I have their oxy leggings!