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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

nordstrom anniversary sale

There's always so much excitement around the Nordstrom Anniversay sale. I have to admit that I've gotten some good deals in the past. At the same time, I've become much more aware of what this sale is all about and I hold a bit of skepticism.

MOST of the things in the sale are made exclusively for Nordstrom. There are two things to remember about that:

  • You might think that you are getting a good deal on some designer jeans (or whatever you are interested in) but if you pay close attention to the material and construction, you'll notice that it's made of cheaper/ thinner fabrics so it's kind of like getting Richard Chai for Target. You get the name brand and a lower price but not necessarily the quality that goes behind it.
  • They create their own prices so you think you are getting a deal but it's not as if you can get the same thing at another store at a higher price. Yes... the prices go to a "retail price" after the sale ends but many times, they sell out in many of their Anniversary Sale deals and it's not as if you could have found it at Nordstrom before the sale. I hope I'm making sense.

That's not to say there aren't any deals. There are the staples that can be found elsewhere but are marked down for this sales duration. You have to take advantage of hosiery and underwear deals. For example, if you are a fan of Hanky Pankys, stock up now because they are only $11.90 (originally $18). There is one thing I'm most interested in- a pair of Ugg 'Cardy' knit boots. Don't shoot me! I like Uggs. I wanted a knit pair last fall but they were sold out everywhere. Now, I can get them for $99.90 (originally $140).

(from left to right)
Spanx geometric stripe textured control-top tights $27.90
Hinge cropped tweed jacket $78.90
Hudson 'Stella' straight jeans $117.90
Guess 'Nitty' slingback oxford $84.90
Ugg 'Cardy' knit boots $99.90
cashmere fingerless gloves $29.90
rib knit wrap $64.90

SUMMARY: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts this Friday, July 18th. Is what you want to buy available at another store? Then, hell... buy it from Nordstrom when you can get a deal. Underwear, hosiery, big bottles of your favorite beauty products- STOCK UP! If you are a fan of a brand but you notice that the item they have on sale fits differently... there's a reason. Cheaper prices are from a cheaper product.

I sound like a skeptic. I'm more like a SERIOUS shopper!

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