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Friday, August 15, 2008

180 degrees

I've completely digressed from the shoe shopping list I made earlier. Sometimes... it happens and in this case, I'm so excited about these new pairs that I've kind of moved on from my semi-old list.

Today, I bought two pairs of Farylrobins. A few days ago, I was looking for the one on my list at DSW (they had the Farylrobins called 'Angela' but in white) and I ended up discovering two completely different pairs. Even better... they were half off, I had a $5 off coupon, and today is the start of tax-free weekend. So... now they are mine.

Farylrobin 'Dia' peeptoe pump

Farylrobin 'Madras' peeptoe slingback

It doesn't stop there. I saw a few other pairs of shoes at DSW by Modern Vintage. Before DSW, I knew nothing about the brand. Now, I'm hooked and I think I'm going back.

Modern Vintage 'Melissa' peeptoe slingback (but in red)
(They are only $64.50 on shopbop.)

Modern Vintage 'Unna' t-strap slingback
(I will get these tomorrow.)

Modern Vintage 'Zorba' peeptoe pump

Does that mean I'm over my original shopping list? Not really but sort of. Someone bought the Seychelles boots in my size so they are out of the question (unless I can find a black pair on eBay). As for the two other pairs, who knows... Seeing shoes in real life helps A LOT!

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issa said...

ooh i love all of them...

by the way tagged you with the premio award on WWT