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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

going through a kerrigan phase

Until this summer, I didn't look twice at Kerrigan. Then I visited a local boutique called LFT and a Kerrigan snap tunic at 75% off would catch my eye. Since then, my Kerrigan purchases have been snowballing. I would then pick up a ladder tee tunic dress and pull on pants at Barneys (on sale, of course). It doesn't stop there. I, unintentionally, ended up at LFT again, this past weekend, while shopping with my brother and his girlfriend. There, I was bombarded with more Kerrigan deals. I picked up another snap tunic, a pair of pull on jeans (not to confuse you with my pull on pants), and a knotted dress. Do you think I have enough Kerrigan? I will just answer for you. Yes, I do!

That doesn't stop me from checking out their fall line and it's more expensive half- Daryl K. Oooh... I can't wait for fall!


issa said...

it all looks so comfy!!

wroxton said...

I'm a sucker for knits and fleece.