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Saturday, August 9, 2008

my shoes shopping list

I'm starting to accrue a list of shoes that I want. I have been so indecisive that it's driving me crazy. Should I get them? Should I not? Will they go on sale? Can I find an coupon code? Will I wear them? Blah... blah... blah...

Some shoes I want more than others. There's also many other styles that I'm in continued search for. I still need the perfect (affordable) almond/ round toe nude and black pumps (mean one pair of each; not together). I need some tan and black flat or heeled tall boots (again, a pair of eachl) that will fit my calves. But you know... when you get distracted by other fabulous pairs, what are you to do?

I first saw the Farylrobin 'Arial' wedges in an Anthropologie catalog that I got in the mail. They were red and they were lovely. I have seen them range in price from $132 to $190 but in some odd twist of fate, tonight I saw them on the DSW site for $89.94. They have them in black, white, and red. I'm thinking black because I would get more wear out of them but red is pretty hot.

Farylrobin 'Arial' leather wedge $89.94

Then, there are the Jeffrey Campbell 'Maze' sandals. I saw them on a Chictopian and I had to find out more. They can come off a bit hookerish but with just the right outfit, I think they would look AMAZING! This Chictopian knew how to work them with a simple tee and jeans.

Jeffrey Campbell 'Maze' sandals $100

Finally, I want the Seychelles 'Under Construction' boots. A friend has them in brown and then I saw them in black on a shopgirl at Barneys. I have been on a mad hunt for the black pair and I finally found them. I have been sitting on this shopping cart for a few weeks in hopes they would get cheaper (because I can get it cheaper in brown). I would share with you wear I found them but then I would have to kill you.

Seychelles 'Under Construction' boots $100

I hope in the next few weeks they will all be mine. To be continued...


we wear things said...

i adore all three pairs!!! i've been on a crazy shoe phase lately.. which is weird for me.. i'm usually a strictly clothes person.. i think it's seeing all the fabulous fashion blogs making me want more and more.. :)


miss a. said...

Dammit! I saw those Seychelles boots last year in NYC right before I left, and really contemplated buying them. When I got home, I decided I wanted them, but by then they were all sold out. They're coming back to haunt me!! Ahhh!!

Melanie said...

my roomie has the faryl robins, and they're adorable on her! the maze sandals are surprisingly comfy and add impressive height - get them!!