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Saturday, August 2, 2008

richard chai for target

These Target Go Collections are uber addicting. As one collection is in stores, you are already anticipating the next. I have been looking forward to seeing what Richard Chai created for some time (the private label collection is already up to see here). Yesterday, it dawned on me that the newest installation would already be up at my local Supertarget so in my sweats and tee, I headed straight for it.

I didn't get anything though I probably should have. I have never gone to Target and see practically everything from a Go Collection and in practically every size. I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed. There were a few things they didn't carry like the long cardigan, twill blazer, or striped tank... some things that I wanted to see. I tried on so many things, I couldn't keep track of it all as hard as I tried. I might need to go back and play some more. From what I can remember, there were things that I LOVED and things that I didn't. That's a good thing because I can't afford to buy it all.

Here are my favorites from what I tried on:

The cowl-neck plaid print dress ($44.99) is way cuter in person than modeled here. The print and colors are a lot of fun, it's drapes nicely, and I just love the overall design/ details of the dress.

My favorite from this outfit is the crinkle georgette paintbrush striped skirt ($29.99). It's flirty and I see lots of options for it. I wished I could have seen the striped tank ($14.99) because I like the design of opposing sets of lines. I have to say pass on the bedford corduroy vest ($29.99). It fit oddly around my chest.

The cotton canvas trench coat ($44.99) was a lot nicer on than I expected and the price is just right. I'm a little weary about outerwear with patterns though since it's not as easy to play with like a skirt or a dress. I could get bored of it very quickly. I'm also between sizes with this one which doesn't help. There is such a drastic difference between one size to the next, too.

The sweetheart dress in graffiti rose print ($39.99) is a cutie. It also comes in solids but I thought they were rather boring (and how shall I put it... looking a little bit on the cheap side). The print just makes it look a little more expensive.

Since I saw the denim blazer ($39.99) in the recent Lucky Magazine, I've wanted it. I'm on the fence with this one. They must have clipped it in the magazine and shown here because it fit pretty straight on me giving me little shape. Again, I'm also between sizes. The ruffle tank ($24.99) is FABULOUS. It's a whole lot of fun and the color is rich. The corduroy bermuda shorts ($26.99) are perplexing. Who wears corduroy in the summer? I started sweating as soon as I put them on. They would not be comfortable in the 100 degree weather I am currently dealing with. I do like the cut and pattern. It could be a good purchase for early fall.

Oooh... this leather vest ($79.99) is nice. It's a bit of shocker that it comes from Target. I liked it a lot. I will have to pass though because I don't feel like blowing $80 on one Target piece. The pintuck crinkle zip-front skirt ($26.99) comes in black and red and I love both.

The only thing I saw in this outfit was the sleeveless ruffle-neck striped top ($22.99). Wearing it alone with a bottom is rather boring. I like how it was styled in one of their ads with a cardigan over it and just the bib part showing. It made the outfit a bit retro, a bit frilly, and a whole lot of cute.

I'm going to get this sleeveless ruffle dress ($34.99). It's the sweetest little thing but a little bit of this and a little bit of that and you can make it a bit rough and edgy.

Tomorrow, I will place my online order and as soon as it comes in, I will share pics. I'm so excited!

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