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Thursday, September 18, 2008

compliments will get you somewhere with me

People always wonder how I wear high heels all the time. Today, I'm wearing flats and they hurt more than any of my heels. Shoes are not for comfort; they're for looks!

I said I would wear a dress and I did. I got this dress for $20. I almost passed it up but the salesgirl convinced me to get it with her tales of how she's worn it. I just wish the elastic waist was a bit higher (or maybe the reality is I wish I was taller).

I almost forgot to mention. I love the triple chain necklace I'm wearing. It looks so pretty when it's worn just right. But all day long, the three layers of chains start to twist around each other and become a knot of necklaces. A co-worker complimented it and I handed it to her. I told her if it sits on her right, she could have it. I think she wears it better than me. She offered money but I told her to pay me back another day, another way. I hope she doesn't forget.

Gap dress, Madewell cardigan, Club Monaco belt, Wolford tights, All Black flats, Eric et Lycie necklace, F21 cuff

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