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Thursday, September 4, 2008

getting ready for fall

How is it that I shop and shop but I still don't have everything I NEED for fall (or any season)? Actually, I can answer that question. I'm not as focused a shopper as I should be. I wear favorite things out and they get old and grungy before their time. Sometimes, I buy because of price and not always for quality. I'm impulsive and to my dismay, I end up not liking much that I buy. I get distracted by sales. There are simply a million reasons why.

In any case, I still have my list of fall essentials. In later weeks, I will go into more detail but for now, let's just discuss the general list.

1. long cardigans

It wasn't until last year that I became a fan of long cardigans. Now, I can't live without them. I need them in all colors, all fabrics, and all weights. It helps to cover all your boundaries. It would be nice if I had a ton of lightweight ones that will help me make it through this current HEAT.

Madewell ultra-long cardigan $88

2. skinny/ straight pants

I don't know what I did before skinny and straight pants. Okay, yes, I do. I wore wide and flared pants. What was I thinking? Wide pants are okay but much better for the tall and thin. Flared pants... well, I don't know when I will ever find them acceptable again. I have the few pairs that I still wear but I'm much happier when I have a skinny or straight pair.

3. boots

I have been on a shoe shopping craze... CRAZE. But known of them are boots. Shoe shopping purchases will be shared for a later post but let's go back to boots. I want them tall and slouchy or at the ankle. Now that I think about it, I did get a pair of Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots but a few more would be great.

Madewell moccasin boots $268

4. classic heels

This has been an ongoing, never ending search. I might just need to break down and get a pair by Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutins. I want two pairs that are almond shaped, leather, and have 3 inch heels. One needs to be black and one needs to be camel/ nude. Don't get me wrong. I have bought a pair here or there but they weren't right at all.

5. scarves

I still crave scarves by A Peace Treaty. The fall selection is no disappointment either. Colorful and intricate patterns will give my simple, neutral outfits the pop they need.

6. 3/4 or long sleeve, slouchy tops

I have a problem. I constantly buy sleeveless tops. This doesn't work with work because I have to add a cardigan to hide my body art. I've made a pact with myself to only buy tops with sleeves. Let's hope I find some because I am over this issue. At the moment, I'm stuck... hmmm.

7. simple jewelry

My current jewelry fascination comes from Gorjana. I love the simplicity of their jewelry. Layered and layered upon each other... oooh, I'm getting so excited.

8. studded belts

So... I bought the 'Sex and the City' Roger studded belt knockoff by Patricia Field. Then, I got it and I was bummed. It only looked good if you wore it at the first or second notch. Otherwise it is unbalanced. It went back and in a way, I'm glad. I'd rather get the studded details without being such a copycat.

9. leather jacket

I have one leather jacket- a Mike & Chris navy blue jacket that I got on sale at Barneys. What I really need is a black leather jacket! There is a problem lying much deeper than that. I don't even know what I want or what best suit me. I'm noticing a lot of cropped varieties which isn't what I want. Costs of leather is at an all-time high, too, and it seems you just have to pay hundreds (thousands) for anything remotely decent. This is one fall must have that will be a hard one to tackle.

10. perfect t-shirts

In the last few months, I have invested in American Apparel v-necks. They've temporarily fulfilled a need but I need something more. I want something loose and drapy. V-necks and scoopnecks are my most coveted styles.

11. Last, but not least (and almost forgotten) lame/ latex leggings

I wasn't interested in these kind of leggings until I saw the ones by Kova & T. Now, I want them so badly. Ugh... and shopbop just had a coupon code. They really need to post these coupon codes much longer than a couple days. I tend to pass even though there is something I am waiting to buy.


leigh said...

minus the studded belt (i'm not very good with belts), you've perfectly described my fall essentials list :)

I love the Kova & T latex leggings...

Anonymous said...

i followed your post on a shoe blog about the Rachel Comey ackees shoes. did you ever get them? if so, how do they fit? are they comfie?

i was on the list for those shoes too but they sodl out. Now rachel comey is apparently coming out witha similar pair, but close toe and in a darker color. you can email the owners of Sotto Boutique at www.sottoboutique.com. I'm on the list again.

Like the blog.

wroxton said...

Leigh... I LOVE belts. They really change an outfit. I was browsing Revolve Clothing and I noticed that they sell the Kova & T latex leggings and the Kain t-shirts. I'm very excited because I have never purchased from them and I can get 30% off my first purchase. As soon as they get the t-shirts I want in, I will most likely be placing an order. I'm only 5'2. Do you think the leggings will look funny on me? Glad you like my fall list. I hope I stick to it.

Anonymous... I never bought the Rachel Comey ackees. Sotto emailed me when they got a pair returned to them but I saw they had a discount code before they got back the shoes and I was hoping that would happen again. They ended up selling before I could buy them. Thanks for letting me know about Rachel Comey's fall version. I will have to check it out. Is it just me but the Sotto website never loads well and I end up leaving the site? BTW, glad you like the blog!