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Monday, September 22, 2008

virginia johnson gots it goin' on

If anything can get me temporarily out of a funk, it's the combination of fashion and fall. Fall is my favorite season of the year. The weather starts to get cooler. The leaves start to fall. You can find an insane selection of apples to dip in caramel and nuts. The holidays are coming closer (For some odd reason, I LOVE Thanksgiving.). And the clothing selection just becomes surreal. Boots, tights, and scarves/ shawls make me all giddy inside.

I'm going crazy for Virginia Johnson shawls, too. When I went to Barneys to get my beauty product fix this past weekend, I walked through the ladies CO-OP section and became transfixed by her shawls. I started to daydream of cold, cold days with my neck wrapped by such delight. I love the patterns and I love the COLORS. They are bold and bright. Now,I just need to find $210 (plus tax) to spare because that's a lot for a shawl.

Virginia Johnson shawls $210

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