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Monday, October 13, 2008

going out for pho among other things

I didn't have to go to work today. Yay! When Hubby said he was in the mood for pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), I said, "Okay." I can never say no to pho. It makes the world go round.

We decided to try a new place. It worked out perfectly because we got the chance to go the new Asian grocery store, too. Tip of the Day- Buy your produce and meat from an Asian grocery store. It's so much cheaper. I also stopped by Lee's Sandwich, a phenomenon in California and now Texas. Their banh mi tit (Vietnamese sandwich) is okay to put it kindly but they have AWESOME iced coffee. I bought a concentrated bottle that will make many glasses of iced coffee. YUM!

We also stopped by a Payless that was along the way so I could see the alice + olivia shoes but no dice. I didn't know they were in select stores. I guess that means a trip to the Galleria is in my future but I think I will more than likely just order them online. I'm not in the mood to go to the mall... I know. Crazy, right? The state of the US economy, as well as my own economy, suggests it's better to stop shopping. After I buy the ponte dress from Target, a couple Kain tanks from Sway and Cake, and possibly a Paypless purchase... I'm taking a breather (hopefully).

Gap button down, Marc by Marc Jacobs capris, Robert del Carlo sandals, and regular arm candy

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