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Sunday, October 5, 2008

i think i need to go to payless

Okay... so I went to Payless for the first time in a very long time back in spring. A friend and I were shopping at the Dallas Galleria and somehow we ended up on the third floor... a floor I never go to unless I'm in a mood for a soft pretzel. Anyways... to the point, I noticed a Payless shoe store. I didn't even know the Galleria had one. I tried on a pair of lime green wedges and I was in love. Lime green is hard to wear and I have to admit, they have never seen the light of day since I bought them but the lime green patent leather was WAY BETTER than the black faux leather alternative. I know... I need to wear my shoes. One day, I will find the perfect outfit for my lime green wedges. Even though they live quietly in their box, I do love them so and just thinking about them makes me happy.

Since I "READ" every one of my favorite blogs this weekend, out of boredom, I decided to check out FabSugar. I noticed a past Look of the Day winner wearing a pair of alice + olivia for Payless booties here. They are such lookers. I decided to check out the Payless website and there they were in red or black. Further investigation allowed me to find them used in Stacey Bendet's Fall runway pics. Are they not stunning? I really want the grey pair but since they are not up for sale and if they were, they are probably faux leather (I have a greater tolerance for faux patent leather), I think I'm okay with black or red.

Hmmm... black or red? Black would be much easier to wear but red is so much fun. In summary, I think I need to go to Payless and get these boots. What do you think? (and yes, I know... they don't look so good in Payless pics but you have to admit they look pretty hot on a live person)

from elle.com

alice + olivia for Payless Rivington ankle boot $48

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