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Sunday, October 19, 2008

it's a small world after all

Today, Hubby and I went out for dim sum. It was deliiiciousss.

Afterwards, I had the clever idea to go to the Galleria. I wanted to check out the alice+olivia shoes at Payless. I'm so glad we went, too, because they were horribly tragic on me. I think you need to be 6 feet or uber skinny to make them work. Anyways, I no longer need to think about them anymore. They are off my wish/ must purchase list.

Before leaving the mall, I wanted to go into Zara. After a walk through, I was about to leave when I saw someone pass me in an AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS outfit. When I looked up to get a full view, I locked eyes with Jane's mom, Jane from Sea of Shoes, for a second. It took me a moment to realize who I was looking at. I quickly looked around and lo and behold, there was Jane looking at a rack along the walls. To not be obvious, I only had a glimpse of her in her big, floppy hat.

Now, to the world, Jane is just another person as you and me. In the blogosphere, she is very well known... practically famous. It's odd to say this but it was as if I was in the midst of celebritydom. If any of you were curious, Jane's mom was in a blue/ white striped button down tucked into a full, yellow skirt and tall boots (at least what I noticed from a distance). She looked immaculate. I wish my mom was as cool as Jane's. Instead, I have a mom that matches head to toe in nothing that a woman should be seen in.

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