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Saturday, October 4, 2008

jonathan saunders got it right for target

It's no secret that I LOVE knits. Since most of Target's latest Go Collection is comprised of knits, I love what Jonathan Saunders created. I'm finally excited about Target's Go Collection.

I went to Target today knowing that one store always puts the Go line early. Though laziness caused a huge delay on today's plan, there was still plenty for me to check out. That can be read as a good or bad sign. People don't really dig it or there's just more for me.

Not one to usually be a fan of primary colors or such literal color blocking, I was pleasantly surprised by many pieces. The biggest highlight was the price point. I think Target figured out that no one really wants to pay $40 for a Target dress.

My favorite is the short sleeve ponte dress (which I swear was marked $32.99 at the store). It has a simple elegance that can be worn as a dress or unbuttoned as a long cardigan. It's a HUGE winner. I also love the cardigan sweater but if it's really $44.99 (I didn't pay at attention to it's price tag at the store), it will have to wait until it goes on sale. It's not as if I have a shortage of cardigans. My third fav is the marble print color-block dress. The contrast works in an unexpected way and I have to love the $19.99 price tag.


I was hoping to like ponte/ leather jacket but it looked kind of cheap. Then, there is the reversible belt. Who doesn't love reversible, right? Well, these belts are made of neoprene- YUCK!!!

I can't wait for the line to show up online. There are a ton of "$5 off a $50 purchase" coupon codes. Hey, $5 is $5!!! Plus, I look forward to seeing what I missed! When you get a chance to check it out, let me know what you think!

Here are my favorite pieces for your viewing pleasure.

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