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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

kate moss for topshop

Okay... so I'm so sorry for being a bad blogger. Instead of spending evenings updating my blog, I have been taking work home and working on it straight to bedtime. Don't worry, I'm still fitting in my favorite shows inbetween.

I have been taking pictures of my outfits but AGHAST... I look horrible. I'm just feeling yucky, bloated, and so unphoto-worthy. I don't know what the deal is. Oh... and I hate everything in my closet. Maybe, if I didn't feel like a huge cow, my closet wouldn't be so bad. C'est la vie!

So... if I was as tiny as Kate Moss, this is what I would want to wear in her latest Topshop Collection. It freakin' stinks that lots of it is already sold out (not as if I was going to order anything).

I love the frilly, girly dresses. They would be great paired with some tough boots or a leather jacket. Scarves need no explanation. They are simply FABULOUS. I need some new bottoms and these would be perfect. You can't knock skinny pants. And sadly, I have to say the belt and jacket are sold out but we can just lust at the pictures.

jungle flower printed scarf $70

heart and chain printed scarf $70

checkerboard scarf $70

breton tee $70 and spot scarf $80

wet look jean $90

motorbike jean $90

cord skinny jean $90

sequin cummerbund belt $100

brocade trousers $110

spotted print dress $125

heart print dress $125

1920s printed tea dress $125
This one isn't new but it's still lovely.

military cropped jacket $250

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