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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

leanne is the well-deserved winner!

YAY! Leanne won on Project Runway. My eyes started to tear when they announced her as the winner. I couldn't be happier.

Leanne wasn't my favorite designer throughout the season. In actuality, I didn't have a favorite. In my opinion, it was another season of ho hum designers. I don't think any season can beat season 2. You had Chloe, Andrae, Santino, Nick, and Daniel. How can you beat that? Okay... back to season 5. Though I wasn't completely impressed with each designer, I continued to watch. Towards the end and all the weak designers got filtered out, the show started to get better. I was really hoping that Jerrell was in the final 3 but I can't complain about an all female finale. GIRL POWER! (okay, not really)

Anyways... Leanne came out and impressed me BIG TIME. I love the whole color scheme. It was ethereal and dreamy. Never really caring about her petal-like pleating throughout the season, it really worked in her finale runway show. The clothes were flirty but not juvenile. I would wear it all (almost). Go Leanne!


I want this!

I'm in love. This is my FAVORITE!

pictures from nymag.com

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