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Thursday, November 6, 2008

american apparel unisex circular scarf

I know it's not the first time or will it be the last time you see another blogger talk about the American Apparel unisex circular scarf. I had to jump on the circular scarf bandwagon. So... it's just a large piece of fabric sewn together. So what? It works and simply in the right way. I just wonder if it's humanly possible for anyone to really try all the options American Apparel suggests you can wear it because I think many work only for a photo shoot... particular the looks working it as a dress or top. Personally, I'm interested in wearing it as a double scarf, scarf with hood, shawl, and capelet.

The $28 price tag is doable. Try paying $28 for another circle scarf. It ain't gonna happen! The problem I found is trying to find which color I want the most. $28 times 8 isn't doable. I want all the colors below for sure... plus black and brown. If I could see some of the colors not shown on the site, I'm sure there are more that I want. Now... if it came in raspberry, I don't think there would be any doubts. Raspberry is my favorite AA color. Which one will you get?

Okay... after creating this post... maybe mint is the way to go. I hope it looks as good in person as it does pictured.


Fruchtzwerg said...

I bought the scarf a while ago and took lavendel. I wanted to take a closer look at slate but the colour was sold out so quickly in my local store and I was to impatient to wait. I never regret my decision. I will do today or tomorrow a post about the versatility of this scarf because you really can wear so many styles with this scarf. mint is a nice colour, I can picture you in that colour.

girl6_NYC said...

I bought a 2 scarves like this a few years ago from target & UO and have worn them every winter.

wroxton said...

Thanks for the input. The scarf is on my must buy list!