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Sunday, November 16, 2008

hurray for cheap mondays

There are very few cool lines where you can buy practically any of it for under $100. There was a time when Barneys sold it until it became available at Urban Outfitters. I'm talking about Cheap Monday. I'm one of the few people that haven't purchased a pair of their jeans. It's just a bit self-deprecating to buy a size 1 or 2 larger than you actually are. Why do their jeans have to run small? At some point, I will just have to get over it and get myself a pair. I have a plan to buy them from Revolve (because they're cheaper there than Urban Outfitters and I can make my first purchase at 30% off). I'm such a deal whore.

Anyways, back to Cheap Monday. I just think the clothes are cool. They are simple and wearable. They give just a bit of edge to an outfit. There relatively cheap (compared to $200 jeans). That's what's I like.

passpoal top $38
picture from Urban Outfitters (but sold out and was $50 there anyways)

sporty blouse $50

Carro cardi $60

Karin dress $70

tight jean in black $70

tight jean in indigo $70

Agnes cardigan in black $74

Agnes cardigan in dip dye $92

Sara jacket $95

On a side note... I noticed there was huge mark-up at Urban Outfitters compared to other retailers. If you like Cheap Monday as much as me, you can get it way cheaper from Karma Loop. Then go to RetailMeNot to stack free shipping and 20% off. Your welcome.

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