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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i finally made my target purchase

I finally took the plunge. I made a online Target purchase. I have been eyeing all of these things for quite some time gambling with the chance that they may sell out. I made a good gambling move because one of the dresses finally reached 75% off. The rest of the stuff is 50% off and I probably would have waited but then a couple things would go against me. My shopping cart would not be equivalent to $50 for free shipping and I would have to find more to buy anyways. Shipping would have been about $9. I also wouldn't have been able to use the $5 off coupon that I found. So... after adding everything to my cart, applying the coupon code, and actually remembering to use my Lucky Rewards, the final total was (drumroll)... $52.47. I'm so happy.

If I change my mind about anything, I can easily return something and not lose the $5 off. (Lesson- just buy up to $50 to get free shipping and use the coupon. Then return what you don't want to a storefront later if you must.) Obviously, I have never done this before. I hope no one from Target read that.

Jonathan Saunders Ebony Ponte Mini Dress 16.49
Jonathan Saunders Marble Print Colorblock Dress $9.99
Go International Ebony Belted Ruffle Calico Print Dress $9.99 (the deciding factor to finally process my order; it was about time it went to 75% off)

Jonathan Saunders White Kalidescope Screen Tee $8.49
Jonathan Saunders Windowpane Screen Tee $8.49

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Aiyana said...

Congrats on your purchase..! Well, I used to shop at Target online.