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Friday, November 21, 2008

if there were 36 hours in the day, i might attempt this

Hubby was doing some kind of Google search and ended up finding blogs about bento boxes. He showed me his findings and I went crazy for them. He knew it was something I would like. I already spend too much of my personal time with work, I hardly have time to make such cute lunches. It would be nice if someone could do this for me. Aren't they freakin' cute?

pictures from makansiang.blogspot.com

Funny story (or stupid story depending on your mood), I have a bento box. Last summer, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit me from Houston. Amee wanted to go to Neiman Marcus Last Call and I found myself on a trip to the outlet mall. In it, there was a Sanrio Store. Fond childhood memories make me crazy when I go in. As I walked through, I saw the coolest lunch box with Kerro Kerropi, my favorite Sanrio character as a young girl. My brother decided to buy it for me and I was hysterical... HYSTERICAL. I wish I had a recording of the events because then you would realize how funny it was. Now, to the people working there, I was an idiot and they had no appreciation for my enthusiasm. I got lots of rolled eyes and ugly attitude. I didn't care. I was so excited to get my lunch box!

Okay... so back to the point- the above blog got me on a crazy search for bento boxes... and this is how I fell in love with Shinzi Katoh. He is a Japanese designer who creates things with such a fun asthetic. Not only are his designs on bento boxes, he has mugs, glasses, bags, etc. If only I knew where to get his stuff in Dallas... because shipping from Japan really SUCKS. I know... yes, I can order it from a few US sites but then, my pickings are slimmer and I don't want to settle.

from Heliotrope


allison said...

Oh god, the Maison de soleil bento box makes me curse the fact that I dislike Japanese food. Well, sushi. Why do I have to be such a picky eater?

These are all adorable!


Amee said...

OMG those are SO CUTE! Long time no talk. How is everything going for you? Are you doing alright? I just wanted to let you know that your belated bday gift is 50% complete. I'm starting to think I should put in a Christmas gift too before that becomes your next bday gift LOL. Miss talking to ya, been so busy with school and finals are coming up. Hope you are well. I will hopefully talk to you this weekend!

wroxton said...

Allison, I would think picky eater means you eat less and that would be a good thing. I'm not such a picky eater (but I can be a snotty eater). I ate at Chili's against my will and I had to fight all of my emotions to not show my repulsion.