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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i'm such an idiot for letting you go

I found this Iosselliani bracelet on eBay. It was a total shocker because I've never seen Iosselliani listed on eBay EVER. I was very happy to see in my inbox that someone finally listed something. It was starting for $40. I'm thinking- it's all mine. I emailed the seller and everything. He was kind enough to send me close-up pictures including this one.

It closed today and I watched the last 10 minutes intently. Then... as the time narrowed down to the last minute, the price started to soar dramatically sitting at $60something for quite some time. In a panic, I didn't bid and it ended for $129.03.

Now, I'm in huge regret. I have an eBay coupon to save up to $100. I misread it and thought it said on an auction worth up to $100. So... no bid. GGGRRR!!! I'm such a loser- literally and figuratively.

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