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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I discovered weardrobe.com because of the Fashion Spot. After reading their article, I decided to check out the site. Though I don't find it the easiest website to maneuver, I did find some inspiration. There's a coolness, I don't care what you think simplicity to these looks. I would like to wear all their stuff.

PS... I have some houseguests on an extended stay. They arrived yesterday and they will be here for A WHILE. With my dining room the most suitable place to take pictures, I don't plan on posing for my guests. Unless, I can figure out how to take pictures in my bedroom... it could be as long as two months. Yeah, you heard me. And I had such a cute outfit on today, too... black/ white striped cowlneck top, AA tube skirt, tights, and my tan Frye boots. I will wear it again later!

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