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Sunday, November 23, 2008

the titania

These shoes are ridiculously fabulous and I really, really want them! They are LD Tuttle's Titania. I love the combination of open toe with an ankle bootie. But that's not what made my heart racing and my eyes go gaga. They look amazing folded up or folded down. It's like 2 shoes in 1. Originally $475, they are now on sale at Shopbop for $332.50.

Just now checking out the sizes, there are no size 7. Man... that sucks. Now I'm pissed. I already made a quick plan to watch them go down to 70% off. I'll have to make new plans.

pictures from Lamb Ear Shoes

pictures from Shopbop

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alyssa said...

i sent this to you by email, but just incase!

hey! i love your blog and have been a looker for quite some time...

I was wondering if you would be willing to sell one of your gap pierre hardy platforms, particularly the brown one. I noticed that you haven't been wearing them for a while, at least not as much as the canvas one (which is, btw, gorgeous)

I know you have been saying on your blog that you haven't been purchasing too much because of the lack of money... but if I buy the shoes from you, you could have some extra money to spend on something else you really love?

I've been trying to get my hands on those platforms, but unfortunately I haven't found them.

I'm a size 6.5/7... maybe even 7.5.. let me know soon?? please please pleaseee :)

thanks so much, keep writing in your blog!
reach me at xdalyssaxd@hotmail.com