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Thursday, December 18, 2008

better late than never

Hmmm... I bought the maroon top maybe 5-6 years ago (maybe longer) but it's my first time wearing it. Why did it take me so long to wear it? I don't really know. It has a bunch of gold studs throughout the front but you can't really see them unless you were standing in front of me. I think I should wear it more often...

I bought it during a time when I couldn't find anything to buy. I was in need of new things but nothing was really catching my eye. I found it at Nordstrom with some other top but, at the time, they were settling purchases. With the resurgence of studs, it seems to be a fitting time to actually wear it.

I have one more day of work and then I'm chillin' like a villian...

Co-Op Barneys blouse, Mist sleeveless top, Rich & Skinny jeans, Farylrobin heels, J.Crew necklace, F21 cuff

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