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Monday, December 29, 2008

if i were into pvc...

I would really want to buy one of these bags below. Ever since Hayden-Harnett got started, I have loved their designs. Of all the ways to discover them, I found them on eBay.

A couple years ago, I was looking for a cool laptop bag because the one my work provided me just didn't do. I ended up finding an olive one with a gold skull stitched on the front. When I looked at what else the seller had to offer, I discovered an Hayden-Harnett wallet. The seller happened to own a store and was getting rid of some stock. I made offers on both and they were accepted by my surprise. When they arrived, I was more than uber happy!

It was then my love for Hayden-Harnett began. I bought several bags and wallets (and some have been passed on to my sister). My interest in HH now comes and gos. Maybe it's a good thing that they've decided to collaborate with Target because I'm really liking what they have to offer. Now, I just need to get my mindframe to accept pvc.

If you are interested in Hayden-Harnett for Target, you can see them here. These are the things I like the most.

umbrella $22.99
If this umbrella lasts long enough for it to be still around when I visit Target next, I will buy it. Umbrellas are always handy to have around.

chain bag $44.99
This is practically an exact copy of one of their old designs. I can kick myself for not buying one when I had the chance. If anything, this reason is enough for me to get over the fact that it's pleather.

canvas flight tote $49.99
The print and color combination is pretty, pretty. I've been wanting one of their flight totes. If I can't get an actual HH one on deep discount, I might have to get this one.

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-h of candid cool said...

sometimes when i see these designer collaborations i wish they werent done in pvc. i know they cant use leather due to pricing, but i think they could do with interesting things with nylon...

that umbrella is adorable