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Sunday, December 14, 2008

xmas wish list part 2: thing i want under $50

This is not the last of it. Each day, I will share the things I want until it goes to the unreasonable (but not too unreasonable; I know no one is going to get me a Chanel bag). I have to say, it's getting more fun to make these lists, too. Am I just crazy or do you want the same things?

Sew U $25.99
I started typing an explanation and realized that the discussion of sewing should be put in another post. Let's just say I want this book because Wendy of Built by Wendy knows how to make fun stuff.

Free People beauty sleep eye mask $28
I've always wanted a sleep mask but never saw any that I thought were cute enough until now. I wonder if they would help me sleep longer or would it come off in the middle of the night. I want one anyways.

The Lucky Guide $30
Lucky Magazine is one of my favorite pieces of mail to get. I have the first book. Now, I NEED the second.

Domino: The Book of Decorating $32
Domino is my favorite magazine. Out of the plethora of subscriptions, this is the one magazine that is constantly referenced. I'm so happy they came out with a book!

Nyko charge station charging dock for Wii $32.99
I'm so over having to replace the batteries in my remotes after a week of play. I need a charger that won't make me worry if I have any batteries left. My brother was suppose to get it for me when he worked at Micro Center but that never happened (and if you can't tell, he no longer works there).

Make Up for Ever aqua eyes collection $35
Make Up for Ever is one of the best lines of make-up for the girl that likes color. They are so true and vivid and fun. I have 2 or 3 of the aqua eye pencils and I want to play with more.

American Apparel boa black shiny high-waist leggings $44
I've been wanting a pair of Kova & T oxy leggings FOREVER (okay, not really; more for like several months) but I'm so worried about the fit (I'm a shorty). I'm thinking I would have to get them hemmed which would lose the awesome cutout heel. I tried on the AA boa black version and I LOVE them. I wouldn't be paranoid that I look like a freak in public since they are shiny but not TOO shiny.

UPDATE: I took off the Make Up for Ever Glossy Full Couleur Collection because I just bought it. : )

UPDATE (12/23): I saw the Where the Wild Things Are plush toys and they are not as awesome as I hoped. They are pretty cheap looking. Am I surprised? Not really.

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