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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

xmas wish list part 3: things i want under $100

Can you believe the list continues? And this is not it. I'm just finishing off all things under $100. Maybe I should just put the rest of the list in one final Xmas wish list.

Chanel quadra eye shadow in smokey eyes $56
My cousin had the most prettiest eye makeup and I had to inquire. Now, I must have it.

Be Baroque brassy tights $75
I LOVE tights. I would be happy to wear them everyday. I LOVE this pair by Be Baroque. There are other pairs that I want from them but I these are on top of my tights wish list.

Bop Basics baseball tee dress $75
This is a pretty cool dress. I'd wear it as a tunic. I love the drapeyness and easy effort of the dress. There are five different colors to choose from but I like this one the best and it's also have price!

Marc by Marc Jacobs two tone gloves $88
I need another pair of gloves. I have one pair and I hate it when I can't find them (especially after the below freezing weather we've been having. These are pretty cool.

Complex Geometries square hood tee $96
It's essential that I have something from Complex Geometries in my wardrobe!!!

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