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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

xmas wish list part 4: things i want over $100

Okay... so this is the last of it. It's not all the things I want but I think this list will do. It gives my loved ones lots of options. This is obviously the best list but the list I will least likely get anything from. (sigh)

Most of these things can be purchased with insane coupon codes. Shopbop, Tobi, and ChickDowntown are really trying to get your purchase!

Kova & T lace leggings $110
I still want the latex leggings but I want these, too. Code HOLIDAYLOVE takes 30% off until 12/17.

Gorjana Kensington cuff $128

Steve Madden legion boots $139.95
I saw these boots on the manager of Madewell and I immediately fell in love. I've been looking for slouchy boots just like them. An ex once told me that you don't give shoes because it steps on relationships. Asians and their beliefs...

Complex Geometries square hood tank dress $150

Joie Sima henley dress $184

Flip Video Mino HD camcorder $230
I wanted this camcorder last year and I'm glad no one got it for me because now there's the Mino HD! I could do vlogs with this (or maybe not).

Iosselliani rings $244-$270
I tried on a set (the middle one) at Barneys and they instantly made me a ring person. I would wear one of these sets everyday like I already do with my Iosselliani necklace. Use code HOLIDAYTIME for 30% off until 12/25.

Elizabeth and James double cut out bracelet $325

Mayle Billie Doux bag $325
Damn... you are gone, too.

Playstation 3 $400
Game console, blueray player, and more. I don't know why I don't already have one. If only I hadn't bought this or that that has only been touched once.

Elizabeth and James plus chain necklace $425
Awww... it's gone from Shopbop.

Elizabeth and James dagger necklace $525
I need some jaggers around my neck. Use code CHRISTMAS for 40% off.


Song of Style said...

those are some gorgeous lacey tights but over 100 bucks? gosh, i have smtg similar (not as much as flowerly) and i only paid 12 bucks.

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere I can find this necklace still?