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Saturday, December 13, 2008

xmas wish list: things i want under $25

If anything, this list will be fun for you to look at. Every year, I make a wish list. It all started when I wanted to help the Hubby figure out what I wanted. This was one detailed list, too. I made sure to have a picture, description, price, retailers, and links. Sometimes, he picked things on the list. Sometimes, he already had in mind what he wanted to get me. Then, I started to make a list for my brother and sister, too. It just became something fun to do. One year, my mom asked for a list. That was kinda weird because she usually just gave me a check. Then, I got an ugly email from my mom that I shouldn't ask for things. Therefore, mom and brother and sister no longer get a list unless they ask. Surprisingly, my brother's girlfriend and my cousin's wife asked for a list. So... I decided to publish it for all to see (so basically, they would see it, too).

Most of it is going to be for fun... like every other wish list I have already posted. This list is going to be the most reasonable since everything is under $25. There will be more to come. Have fun checking out what I want!

Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak $9.99

cock-a-doodle timer $10
I like cute kitchen stuff.

sea glass goblet and tumbler $12-$14
I don't need any glasses but I think these are so pretty.

Shinzi Katoh forest drive mug $15
I love all things Shinzi Katoh so you won't stop seeing below.

Shinzi Katoh water bottles $15-$18
I've been wanting an aluminum water bottle and I'm glad I didn't buy one yet because these are crazy cute.

Shinzi Katoh toaster dish $16
I never wanted a glass dish so badly as I do now.

jouy dishtowel $18
I have a thing for kitchen towels.

The One Hundred $21.95
Nina Garcia's first book was aww...ight, but I checked this one out at Barnes & Noble and it appears much better. I love the idea of sorting out your wardrobe down to what's most essential. Plus, the illustrator is amazing!

Shinzi Katoh double cup $22
Glasses that aren't made of glass... love it!

serving bowl, inside out and atom art $24
I have these bowls in the smaller version... 12 of them! Though Anthropologie calls them serving bowls, I think these would make great noodle bowls to compliment my smaller rice bowls. I need 4 of each.

Eccentric Glamour $24
I think Simon Doonan is hilarious. I need a book that gives me a few laughs.

Old Navy scarf cardigan $25
I saw this on someone today and it was crazy hot on her. I want all of these colors!

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