" My Style Lounge: April 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

new do

I couldn't wait any longer. My stylist is good but not that good (okay, he is but still).

  • last Thurday: made hair appointment (only soonest available time is May 7th at 4:30)
  • last Saturday: call again and hope that someone else cancels (no dice)
  • all week: tortured by unruly hair
  • today: panic that I might miss my May 7th hair appointment because of an announced meeting
  • today: reflect- potentially miss my May 7th hair appointment and have to wait another week for haircut or find someone else (decide to find someone else)
  • today: call and find out someone else can see me at 5 TODAY (score)
  • today: rush to salon and let the stylist have free reign


Is it much different? Not really. Am I happy with it? Still deciding. What do I like about it? The bangs. What I question? The assymetical cut along neck. What would make me love it? If it was really short and tapered along the neck. What do I like about this stylist? She doesn't have someone else wash my hair.

not so girly

Boy was I self-conscious today. I had to be very aware of my body. I'm not the most graceful when I need to bend down... the one thing that doesn't make me so girly. I love my new scarf though which went perfectly with an old dress (which somehow looks shorter). Could it be because I had it taken in at the shoulders?

Gap dress
Urban Outfitters scarf
Old Navy sandals
F21 cuff and bangles
SYdney Evan bracelet

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

shame on me

I was catching up on watching WhoWhatWearTV episodes one day last week. I had let several episodes pass without watching them. They seemed to have been sliding down on their appeal until... I saw episode 18- The Etro Look.

Suddenly, I wanted every piece they featured especially the Lux digital floral skirt from Urban Outfitters. Panic took over me when I saw only size 2 and 12 left (I'm not that little or that big), then just size 12, and then nothing online. Last night, I made a trip to the mall to find the skirt. Luckily, I scored the skirt in both colors- rose and black. It's one of my guilty actions... buying multiples of the same thing.

There were other things from the WhoWhatWear episode that I wanted so I looked around. As the guy helping me said, "No dice." I couldn't find the things I wanted. I did find some other pieces.

Western Plain Linen Oblong $28

This lovely scarf was modeled by a mannequin and I snatched it!

Again, I found the necklace on a mannequin. It was the only one there so I took it directly off her. I'm on the fence about the necklace since the clasp sits on the side. ODD! I love the clickety clack of bangles so I had to pick up this set.

I still have more I want to buy from Urban Outfitters because of WhoWhatWear and gosh, darn it... I better get them because the prices are a steal. Time to place an online order.

Kimchi & Blue double layer tank $15

painted leaf bangle $10

OKAY... the shopping doesn't stop there. One of my coworkers had on a knit top yesterday that I had to have. It's uncomplicated, lightweight, and soft. It never hurts to have extra knit tops. So, I went to Madewell and picked one up. It's my first time shopping there.

tuning into nature

This skirt made me feel so girly all day. I love the mix of eyelet and solid fabric, gathering along the waist, the double layer, the variations of pleating... the skirt has so much detail. I haven't worn it in a long time but I should wear it more often

C&C California tank
J.Crew cardigan
Joie skirt
Zero Maria Conejo belt
Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals
Lenora Dame necklace
Anthropologie bangles
SYdney Evan bangle

Monday, April 28, 2008

go target

Target's Go International collection continues without a big name designer to back it up. It doesn't seem to make a difference either because the clothes are flying off the shelf. It's been out for awhile now but I didn't bother to check it out until this past week. I realized that this line was worth more attention when I saw several outfits posted on Sugar and MyStyleDiary. After two trips to two different Targets, I found some things that I'm crazy about. I think I need to place a Target online order.

high collar short sleeve shirt with ruffled front in benz blue $27

This shirt is quite the looker. It's made of lightweight, comfortable cotton (like many pieces in this line). I love the geometric, ruffled front. I saw it worn on MyStyleDiary and it was given a stellar review by its owner, also. If I had thin arms, I would buy it, too.

cap sleeve tunic in ombre stripe $35

I'm in love with this ombre top. The Target images does not do this top justice at all. You can see it worn on TeamSugar in its full glory. This one is a definite purchase.

abstract stripe mod dress in yellow combo $40

Don't rely on this picture from Target. It looks way better in person than in the picture. I love the comfy cotton, the abstract pattern, and pocket details. I will be the proud owner of this dress (I hope).

colorblock strapless dress in steel and safety yellow $40

Worn on TeamSugar, it's a very cute dress. I kinda want it to but I need to face the truth. How often would I wear it? For $40, a couple wears is worth it.

crisscross dress in city grey and steel $40

I love this dress. From the crisscross straps, soft pleating, and the subtle stripes, it effortlessly looks gorgeous.

ants in my pants

Don't get me started about my hair. It's becoming anything but managable. I made a hair appointment last Thursday but I can't get in to see my stylist until May 7th. He's so good that I'm willing to wait. Let's see how the week goes...

This outfit went through such a metamorphosis. I started with one horrid outfit that began with the pants but pieces continued to change until it developed into this... something somewhat decent. If I liked the pants more, I would also like the outfit more.

C&C California top
Club Monaco cardigan
J.Brand jeans
Old Navy sandals
F21 necklace and bangles
SYdney Evan bracelet

Sunday, April 27, 2008

a chilly spring

A chilly day required a jacket. Just like many other things in my closet, it still had its price tag because I bought it many months ago. I was suckered by its amazing deal but was turned off by the puffy sleeves every time I tried to wear it. The color has been hard to work with, too. Creating an outfit of varying colors helped me work the tan jacket.

Not only was I able to wear the jacket, I wore a scarf, too. I love scarves and I love how others wear them. But, I know I'm not the only one that struggles with how to wear one. After already struggling with what to wear today, I'm happy to pull off a blazer and a scarf.

Banana Republic blazer
Gap top
Hudson jeans
Roberto del Carlo sandals
Urban Outfitters scarf

i want lots of bracelets

After posting a long list of necklaces, it makes sense to follow up with my other favorite jewelry piece- bracelets. I love to hear the clitter clatter of stacks of bangles against each other. You could say it’s music to my ears.

I can’t reiterate how much I love the jewelry from Iosselliani. They’re edgy yet refined. They stand out in a world of blah. They are different.

I’m not a one note tune so there are other designers for your viewing enjoyment.

Danielle Stevens filigree bangle $25

Danielle Stevens X cuff $25

Giles & Brother bamboo bangle $40

Jessica Kagan Cushman 'What Goes Around Comes Around' bangle $85

Ronni Kappos abstract charm bracelet $110

CC Skye horsebit bracelet $120

Jessica Kagan Cushman 'Do You Have Any Idea Who I Am?' bangle $125

Juicy Couture heart chain bracelet $178

CC Skye wing cuff $184

Bing Bang knot bracelet $275

Bing Bang pearl bracelet $300

Gorjana gold studded bangles $345

Jeanine Payer 'Craig' bracelet $345

Iosselliani bangles $395

Iosselliani bracelet with rhinestones $415

Iosselliani set of 5 bangles $480

Iosselliani multichain silver cuff $558

Mark Davis 'Evalyn' bangle bracelet $1300

Jill Platner small diamond bracelet $1595

Pippa small multi-stone 'Colette' set bracelet $2600

Saturday, April 26, 2008

can't say no

I'm a sucker for deals and I can't help myself. I read on the Purse Forum about Saks Family and Friends discount and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses with 25% off. So, I went to the mall.

While there, It was essential to check out Gap's Design Editions. I was hoping to see the patchwork shirt by Band of Outsiders but I had no such luck. I had tried on the Phillip Lim blouses earlier and wasn't feeling them at all.

Since Old Navy was right above the Gap (Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy are one on top of the other in the old Saks space), I thought I would stop by. I ended up finding this button front linen blend dress in plaid for $29.50. The solid cream and black ones first got my attention, but when I saw the plaid one, I knew I had to try it on. It's much brighter and colorful in person and oh so flattering.

Next stop was Saks. I have been wanting a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses since this past Easter. My brother, his girlfriend, and I played around at a sunglass store and I loved every Tom Ford pair I tried on. Their perfect for my big ol' head. My selection was limited but I ended up with a pair called Julia. I thought I wanted something more like Claudia, Whitney, or Raquel but the sales associate thought Julia was my match.

I picked up some beauty products while at Saks, too. It's not often that you get 15% off cosmetics which is way better than a gift with purchase.

(from left to right) Laura Mercier foundation powder (I never wear powder but it's good to have and maybe I'll start), Chanel eye makeup remover (this stuff rocks- effective and gentle), Chanel Inimitable mascara (I hope it's as good as they say), Kiehl's Original Musk eau de toilette (heaven in a bottle), and Kiehl's Original Musk shower gel

a very nice day

If there is such thing as perfection, today was close to it! Hubby and I had a lunch date. We had Pan-Asian food on the patio. Afterwards, I did some shopping. The afternoon ended with a much needed pedicure. If only I had gotten my Etsy package...

Mango dress
Urban Outfitters belt
Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals
SYdney Evan bracelet
F21 bangles

pringle of scotland- spring 2008

Pringle of Scotland is a luxury knitwear manufacturer that began way back in 1815. It has completely evolved from its signature argyle patterns. Celebrities like Madonna, David Beckham, Nicole Kidman, and Claudia Schiffer have taken a liking to this designer house.

Fluid, pretty, and sophisticated. I like me some Pringle, too.

Pictures from Elle

Friday, April 25, 2008

jolly green

My tailor loves me. These jeans have seen him three times. The last alteration was to get the legs tapered. Doing so has caused them to be too long. I cheated today and tucked them under so I could wear them. They will go to the tailors for a fourth visit for another hem. My tailor bill is costing me as much as the jeans!

Kimchi and Blue blouse
Gap camisole
Rich & Skinny jeans
Roberto del Carlo sandals
Urban Outfitters necklace
Forever 21 cuff

Thursday, April 24, 2008

loeffler randall

I've been wanting a pair of Loeffler Randalls ever since I saw the Matilde boot. I never jumped on the Maltide bandwagon but I'm still checking out Loeffler Randall for some summer loving.

gillian $432

nicola $432

eleanor $644

Pictures from Lambs Ear Shoes


Very tired and unmotivated, I didn't put too much effort into my outfit. I wasn't in the mood and it shows a bit. The belt is too big and kept sliding here and there. It was driving me crazy.

UO dress
Bing Bang belt
MICHAEL Michael Kors sandals
UO necklace
F21 bangles
SYdney Evan bracelet

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

more than an infatuation with nars

Hands down... Nars is the best makeup brand out there (in my opinion). My makeup collection includes a lot of Shu Uemura, Trish McEvoy, Make Up For Ever, Laura Mercier, and some Chanel. By far, I use my Nars products the most. The colors are vivid and true, the staying power is amazing, and the selection is more than anyone needs.

I have more than I need. I'm a sucker for their collection of vibrant, fun colors.

duo eyeshadow (from left to right)
south pacific, thebes (cream), cheyenne, misfit (FAVORITE OF ALL), april fools, island fever, iceland, habanera, mediteranee

single eyeshadow (from left to right)
santorini, twisted, nymphea, emmanuelle, night breed, ashes to ashes, ondine, fuji, fathom (FAVORITE HIGHLIGHTER), sugarbaby, goldfinger

blush (from left to right)
deep throat, outlaw, amour (FAVORITE)

lip gloss (from left to right)
orgasm/ sunset strip duo, striptease, scandal, babe, frisky summer, revolt, chihuahua (FAVORITE), bloodwork

other (from top to bottom)
sheer lipstick- belle du jour and barbarella
lip pencil- creole and jungle red
glitter pencil- 54 and mudd club