" My Style Lounge: May 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

men : (

Hubby and I went out for a horrible dinner and it wasn't the food that was bad. Why do men suck so much? At least I was looking cute. I like this outfit more than my day one. I just changed into the dress from the tank and pants (and changed shoes and some jewelry... okay, maybe I changed more than I realize). I got this dress for about $6 on clearance (and with a coupon). At that price, I got it in white, too. It's comfy and purdy.

Madewell dress and cardigan
Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals
Lenora Dame necklace
F21 cuff

it's bright in here

I don't usually wear "neon salmon" if there is such a color but I loved its brightness. The color depicted is not nearly as bright as the real thing. I picked it up yesterday (among other things) and now I have this cardigan in purple and, well, neon salmon. It's so soft and comfortable. You might notice a new watch on me, too. I decided to exchange the HEAVY stainless steel watch for one with a leather band. I'm so much happier with it and glad I know the time now. It's a burden to ask others.

Ugh... time to go to work. Good thing it rarely happens on a weekend.

C&C California tank
Madewell cardigan
Marc by Marc Jacobs cropped pants
Franco Sarto pants
Lenora Dame necklace
Vita bangle
J.Crew bangle

20% off at american apparel

Last night, I found out that there was a 20% off coupon code for American Apparel. It's for three days but it ends today at midnight (central time). Use code SHOP08E to get the discount off your total purchase. I didn't hesitate and I picked up (almost) everything I have been waiting to order.

unisex fine jersey short sleeve v-neck in white $15

poly-cotton short sleeve women's T in white and heather black $16

unisex acid wash jersey deep v-neck short sleeve summer T in red, black and navy $26

3 pack cotton spandex jersey legging in black $63

sheer pantyhose in dandelion and sherbert $15

That's a lot of stuff!

(Edit (5/31/08): I bought more... 2 more v-neck tees in sea foam and asphalt and swim bottoms in black. YIKES!

proenza schouler s/s 2008

I've liked the duo behind Proenza Schouler ever since they came out with their colorblock bustiers. They continue to maintain their youthfulness with short, full skirts and the use of fun designs and patterns. They've also delved into the safari world which I haven't been too interested in until I saw their interpretation. Short skirts and the belted look are what I've been about lately so I'm enjoying this collection.

Friday, May 30, 2008

easy, breezy, and beautiful

Co-worker #1: Those jeans look good on you.
Me: Thanks.
Co-worker #2: I've seen that top before. I need to get it. The color is good on you.
Me: Thanks. I got it at the Gap.
Co-worker #1: Aren't you hot? I can't wear jeans and long sleeves.
Me: The shirt is thin cotton. It wouldn't make me any hotter than the top you have on.

Wording of the actual conversation might be off but in my head, I was thinking- are you serious? One, the top is not long sleeve but three-quarter sleeves. Two, the top is very loose so won't cling to my skin as the temperature starts to soar. Three, it has that sweatshirt kind of look but not the feel (as I have already mentioned, the cotton is very thin). Plus, I can wear jeans all summer. It doesn't bother me.

The end of today marks the beginning of my vacation. Just trying to get all the ends tied and things put in place, I needed a care-free outfit. I think I achieved that.

Gap top
Paper denim
Roberto del Carlo sandals
F21 necklace
gold bangles from Mom
Vita bangle

Thursday, May 29, 2008

not boot season

It's not boot season but I saw these boots on Oak and I instantly fell in love with them. I love the caramel color, the mid-length, and the suede diamond perforation all over the leg. They are by Frye and are called Paige short buckle boot. Originally $242, they happen to be 30% off. I so want to buy them but I wouldn't wear them until the fall. If you knew the weather in Texas, you would understand why. Okay, yes, I live in Texas... a state known for cowboy boots but I'm not a cowgirl and I just know I wouldn't do it. Oh... what to do? Maybe they will get marked down further and I can justify buying them when it's 100 degrees out.

don't unravel

I've been wanting to wear this scarf all week but was trying to figure out what would look best with it. I used to think scarves were odd during warm weather but now I realize it's about the weight of the scarf. I didn't even notice that I was wearing it.

Banana Republic top
7 for all Mankind jeans
Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals
Madewell scarf
F21 cuff
F21 bangles
gold bangles from Mom

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i don't like toywatches

Well, I did like ToyWatches once. I was making my annual Christmas wish list for my hubby (guys need all the help they can get) and as I was browsing the Nordstrom and Neimans website, I saw the ToyWatches for the first time (I know; I'm lame). They looked like what I had been wanting. Lo and behold, Hubby chose to get the watch for me (aside from other things) for Christmas. It's been a good watch until yesterday when I noticed that two links broke and major rusting going on around several links by the watch case. We went straight to Nordstrom to return the watch.

After getting rid of the dead watch, we browsed their selection and Hubby said to get a Swiss Army. I had one when I was in college and I liked it so no problem. The ones I liked were in their mid-range price ($395-$450). I wanted to keep the large face chronograph style that I had.

Okay, I have a dilemma and this is where you are most needed. Help me decide what to do.

Option #1- Victorinox Swiss Army® Chrono Classic 40mm Watch

I left with this watch that had a stainless steel bracelet. I liked how it gleamed even though it weighed a ton. The problem is... IT WEIGHS A TON. I thought I would get over it but as I wore it from the store to the car, I couldn't help but notice its weight. Will I get used to it or will it burden me? Will I wear it or be too scared to damage it? I could go with a smaller face with smaller links but like I said, I want a large face watch.

Option #2- Victorinox Swiss Army® Chrono Classic 40mm Watch with Leather Band

My alternative is a leather band. If I get leather, will the hot summer causes me to have a sweaty, stinky leather band. Will I want to wear it in the summer? Oh, what to do. Then, I have to decide if I want a black band or a white band. The black one is safe. I don't always like safe. It is a nice watch and this is the one time that I actually like constrast stitching. It gives it some depth that I like (though I don't remember if the one at the store had the contrast stitching or not).

Option #3- Victorinox® Swiss Army Classic Chronograph Watch

Then there is the white leather band. Damn... this watch looks hot. I love the white but I'm not dainty at the slightest. I don't watch what I'm doing at all. Before I know it, I'll look down and I've spilled something on my clothes, I put a dink on my heel, or I have scratched my accessories. Will the white band turn a not-so-flattering brown?

Please help. What should I do? Stay with stainless steel or go leather? If leather, should I go black or white?

definitely mustard yellow

With unusually warm weather for May, it's been hard to get dressed and dressed appropriately. I don't know what I had in mind when I got dressed. I wanted to wear a scarf but that didn't happen.

Vince top
Madewell cardigan
Joie skirt
Urban Outfitters belt
Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals
Suzana Gordon necklace
gold bangles from Mom
Vita bangle

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

mike & chris

If you haven't already noticed, I'm crazy about all things Mike & Chris. I was as giddy as a silly little girl when I saw that they've come out with a new collection for summer 2008. All I want to do is dream of a whole wardrobe full of their clothing.

Summer 2008 proves to be just as worthy a collection as their past seasons. I don't know how they continue to top themselves. I'm seriously loving their highwaisted shorts. I've never been a shorts lover but this pair have swayed me otherwise. Here's a sampling of what you can get your hands on. Enjoy!

(The model has some serious hair going on! I wouldn't mind dawning hair like that... for a day. They seem to always pick the perfect models to express the clothing's fierce attitude.)

'Vaughn' fine cotton twill shorts with high waistband $171

'Lionel' long sleeve baby rib hooded trench with side front closure $183

'Darrin' long sleeve fleece zip-up hoodie with front flaps $185

'Jensen' baby rib drawstring pants $193

'Ellis' 3/4 sleeve v-neck herringbone dress with piping $198

'Rylan' 3/4 sleeve Japanese cupro twill shirt with collar and waist tie $239

'Clyde' 3/4 sleeve scoop neck cropped nylon jacket $257

'Nathan' long sleeve lambskin leather zip-up hooded jacket with front flaps $775

'Kellen' 3/4 sleeve lambskin leather short trench $857

Pictures from Rarechic and Blaec

purple rain

My cardigan is new. I bought it on Sunday in this lovely purple and yellow. When it's too hard to decide, I just get both.

I don't understand my newfound appreciation for purple. It still continues to baffle me even though I started to embrace the color last fall.

C&C California tank dress
Madewell cardigan
Elizabeth and James pants
Mike & Chris heels
Urban Outfitters scarf
Banana Republic bangles
Tiffany bracelets

Monday, May 26, 2008

madewell 1937

About two years ago, a Madewel 1937 popped up in my part of the world. It's a J.Crew concept store that began with just two locations... Los Angeles and here. When I first walked in, I quickly stepped out. I don't know if I was blinded by the white, wooden fixtures or the candy colored clothing; or the similarity to stores like American Eagle or Hollister. It wouldn't be until this spring that I would set foot into the store again.

A co-worker had on a white, wide-neck slubby knit top that I instantly loved. When I found out that it came from Madewell, I realized that I needed to check out the store again. Oddly enough, the knit top didn't work out for me but after asking for some assistance, the sales associate pointed out some things I wouldn't have noticed on my own.

I've come to love their cardigans and scarves. Their cardigans are made of lightweight, thin cotton that is perfect for summer. You can get them in all body and sleeve lengths that your heart desires. Plus, the colors are so bright and vivid. They stock plenty of yellow and purple... two colors that I can't seem to resist (and I used to not like purple).

The scarves are also lightweight so you can wear them in the summer and you won't look like a fool. They are also wide enough to wrap around your shoulders if you are feeling a bit chilly. The combination of colors and interesting patterns are eye candy.

I have made three trips to the store in the last month and I have come out with a total of five cardigans and a scarf. The knit top in black and in white had to go back. So... I obviously love their cardigans and scarves. I'm thinking about venturing into their blazers and jeans. Oh... and I almost forgot to mention that they carry Philip Crangi jewelry. I really want the multi-chain necklace.

A good description for the store is funky-preppy. It's a cross between J.Crew and Anthropologie. It's definitely the younger looking counterpart to J.Crew. And the nice thing about the clothing is... there are no obnoxious logos all over the clothing.

This store definitely needs a second chance if you were first turned off. Ask a sales associate about her favorite things and you will get highlights of what the stores has to offer. Some of the prices are a bit insane but for some pieces, it's worth it. I will skip the items that have that beachy look but the basics are worthing checking out. I also hear that the sales are amazing and if you sign up for their emails, you will get frequent 15% off coupons.

Now with ten locations, see it for yourself. (FYI, the website is suppose to get an overhaul and you'll be able to order online starting this summer).

Here's a list of things I got (old school knit cardigan) and things I want to check out (I've also seen a preview for fall and there are some purchase-worthy pieces):

old-school knit cardigan $48

instant-favorite long cardigan $68

instant-favorite long cardian $68

pocket dress $68

perfect summer blazer $89

shirt jacket $89

skinny low jeans $98.50

Sunday, May 25, 2008

to be or not to be?- ASOS purchase

I have been itching to make an ASOS purchase ever since I saw Fruchtzwerg (of Fruchtzwerg's Island) post her lovely purchase of a pair of ASOS leather fringed front shoe boots. I can no longer get the boots but I can still get another pair that I found when I looked up the boots, the ASOS leather t-bar sandal.

I was going to order them until I saw that it was $45 for shipping. I know; it's crazy right? So, I said, "Pass!"

Today, I see that Fruchtzwerg bought the sandals. She bought them! They are even lovelier than I imagined and I really want them. No, I NEED them!

So I went to RetailMeNot to see if there was a coupon code. Hey, I actually found one! I was hoping it would be for free shipping (in this case, it would make a huge difference) but better something than nothing. With a 60GBP purchase, I can get 5GBP (translates to about $11).

The sandals are only halfway to utilizing the coupon code. I'm thinking about getting a pair of ASOS premium leather contrast buckle platform sandals. I was eyeing them before I knew about the coupon but quickly took them out of my cart when I saw shipping would be $54. I would be out of pocket $180 (83GBP) total. Do you think I should buy both pair? Tell me why or why not. Or, should I stick to the must have t-bar sandals which would cost me $110 at the end? Or should I just daydream about them and save my money? You all know I shop too much.

ASOS premium leather contrast buckle platform sandal

ASOS leather t-bar sandal

trying to get it right

I had an amazingly difficult time getting dressed today. I was adament I was going to wear the skirt no matter what. I put on two other pairs of shoes until I realized I need to go to my saving grace- my Roberto del Carlo sandals. I should really try to find them in more colors.

Barneys CO-OP blouse
C&C California tank
Gap skirt
Roberto del Carlo sandals
Lenora Dame necklace
J.Crew bangles
Vita bracelet
SYdney Evan bracelet

i want an assortment of skirts

Cargo, denim, A-line, full, midi, mini, or trouser style... I love skirts. My love for skirts is not limited to the styles mentioned. As of lately, I have had my eye on certain styles for summer! I want a paperbag skirt and more high waisted skirts. I want them pleated and full. I want them short, too. Always making trips the tailors, I'm thinking of bringing in some skirts to bring the length above the knee. In the meantime, I'm considering purchasing some of these skirts while daydreaming of the rest.

Forever 21 spotted woven skirt $22.80

Forever 21 fade print circle skirt $24.80

Gap chambray skirt $49.50
(I picked this one up yesterday.)

Lux Melanie mini $58

Topshop button side pocket skirt $60

Topshop Lattice pocket skirt $60

J.Crew chevron stripe trouser mini $75

Plastic Island tucked miniskirt $79

FCUK hoochie herringbone skirt $108

Dolan button down paper bag skirt $165

Stylein Joey neon print miniskirt $179

Rag & Bone paperbag skirt $233

Rag & Bone knit miniskirt $270

3.1 Phillip Lim paperbag waist skirt $275

Theory Jill skirt $275

Thread Social high waisted skirt $414

Alexander Wang cargo skirt $495