" My Style Lounge: July 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

please make them in my size

Ever since high school, I've worn Converse All-Star hi-tops. They are simply classics. John Varvatos has made his own version with a twist. They are distressed, have metallic studs along the laces and back, and also have leather laces. I would totally wear these but please make my size. Unless you wear a size 9 (which I obviously don't), they are only for guys. Geez... maybe this should be a wish you were mine post.

Converse by John Varvatos Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi Studs $125

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Just like everybody else, I'm ready for fall. I always love layering. I love turtlenecks, sweaters, boots, and scarves. I don't think I've been more ready as I am this year. I want to get ready for fall with Kova&T.

Kova&T is ready, too. They've already made a name for themselves with their oxy leggings. They are seen on all the celebrities and they are pretty easy to find. Now, their fall collection is starting to show up,too. I love what they have come up with. There are great pieces for layering and bundling up. I just want it all.

Lani cardigan,cowl tee, London tank, pedal pusher
two button tank, tiny suede cardigan, Katya98 skinny w/ zipper
Snoon wrap, Milo skirt, cowl tee

cowl tee, Kit dress
Riva dress, Josephine bustier
Amsterdam tee, mid-rise Christina98

Lucy dress, lace leggings
tiny suede cardigan, Charisse dress, oxy leggings
Polli dress

Andy tank, Sandy98 skinny
grandpa cardigan, Eb leggings
Lani cardigan, Sophia leotard, Christina98 bootcut

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'm a sucker for packaging and I fell for Malin+Goetz because of it. It looks clean and simple. Their products are based on a two step system and they are unisex so you don't have to have a million bottles for him and her. That part has never been a problem for me but I like the simplified products and the super clean scents. I started with their $30 essential kit. It gives you everything you need for face, body, and hair in 1 oz. bottles and I pretty much loved everything I tried. My favorites are the face moisturizer and the body moisturizer. I look forward to trying out more.

Monday, July 28, 2008

a pretty dress

This Etsy Seller, Soul Pretty, is a budding designer and makes her own clothes. I'm glad she's sharing her work with us. I think this dress is lovely. It's made of beautiful, grey georgette fabric and is full of interesting detail. At $65, it's also very reasonable.

Soul Pretty 'chic' dress $65

Sunday, July 27, 2008

complex geometries

I like what I see from Complex Geometries. This three and a half year old Montreal-based line of minimalist clothing makes fabulous over sized t-shirt dress, parachute tops, and high-waisted drawstring shorts and skirts. I love the details including hoods, asymmetrical cuts, and cutaway shoulders. The prices won't break the bank either.

Right now, this small label is hard to find but you can go to Oak to get your fix.

strap tank $72

strap tank t dress $110

giant square hoodie $130

ribbon sweater vest $138

denim triangle jacket $192

Saturday, July 26, 2008

i didn't do it on purpose

I never realized that my dress matched my dining room wall until today. It continues to get harder and harder to dress as the weather gets hotter and hotter. I don't know how any of you wear full tights, boots, or scarves wrapped close around the neck. I don't mind footless tights or scarves that hang loosely around the shoulders. Otherwise, just looking at some of you is making me hot. Am I wrong? I'm still wearing cardigans but they are light and thin and its purpose is not to make a fashion statement. Sorry... the weather is just getting to me.

On another note, my F21 cuff may have to RIP soon. I pretty much got the $4.80 worth out of it.

Splendid dress, Gap cardigan, Urban Outfitters belt, Old Navy sandals, nameplate necklace, and F21 cuff

Friday, July 25, 2008

i wish you were mine

...and you most likely will be. I will have to get a new car next year and I'm thinking you are the one. You're sporty and stylish. I love your extra side Club Door and Split Door boot. You're turbocharged and will receive free maintenance for three years. You're fuel efficient and you'll be one of a kind. I've customized you with only the best. I'm so excited. It will be hard to wait until next May... I wish you were mine now.

Mini Cooper S Clubman

Thursday, July 24, 2008

taking care of business

It was a non-stop busy day but I managed to stop by American Apparel and get myself a sac dress. It's apricot with a fuchsia strap... so lovely. That was probably the highlight of my day.

Gap tank, Vince Tank, Rich & Skinny jeans, Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals, F21 cuff, and nameplate necklace

a little bit naughty, a whole lot of fun

I like Honeydew Intimates. They fun, frilly, and a little bit naughty. Last year, I saw a pair of the 'Rumba' mesh boyshorts with little skulls and I had to have them. I don't remember what happened but I ended up with a pair with rainbows all over it instead. I love them nonetheless.

You can find them at Nordstrom and they happen to have three solid colors as part of their anniversary sale. I picked up all three. Originally $18, getting them for $11.90 a pair is a pretty good deal. They're cute, right?

Honeydew 'Rumba' mesh boyshorts

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

it's about time

I know this is hard to believe but until today, I hadn't seen Sex and the City. My friend Ashley and I have been meaning to go see it together but just never got around to it. She already saw it the weekend it came out. If a movie has been out for more than two weeks, I usually just wait for it to come out on DVD. Well, she called last week and we decided to go see it today.

We met around 2 though the movie didn't start until 3. We grabbed frappucinos from Starbucks and browsed through a couple stores. First store was American Apparel. I had to try on the infamous le sac dress... well, we both did. She's a size minus 6 and well, I'm not. In any case, it looked very cool on both of us. I tried it on two ways and she tried it on a completely different way. I love the options it offers. It was apricot with a fuchsia lamé strap. I wanted to get it but decided to wait until the next coupon code comes up. Ashley bought the halter jumper. It was uber hot on her. Second store was Urban Outfitters. We pretty much just walked through noticing this and that.

le sac dress $32

tri-blend romper $28

And finally, the moment came. We watched Sex and the City. From the start of the movie, my eyes constantly watered and at moments, floods of teardrops gushed from my eyes. I tend to do that but not to that degree. The nostalgia of the characters and their stories got to me. I'm so glad I finally watched it and now I want the book about the movie. Kinda cheesy, I know but I want it, okay!

When I got home, I went to the AA website to see the other color options of the sac dress. The store only had two- the apricot one I mentioned and then fuchsia with a purple lamé strap. To my dismay, the website only has white with black lamé stripe (edit: two more colors just popped up). I guess that means I'm stopping by the store and picking up the apricot one. I'm so excited.

Anyways, this is what I wore. I'm glad I had the cardigan because it was cold in the theater. I liked the camisole tucked in but I discovered that I like it to untucked, too. I will have to try that next time.

Odille camisole, J.Crew cardigan, Gap skirt, CO-OP Barneys sandals, nameplate necklace, and Vita bangle

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

do try this at home

After my day with Thu and her daughters, I went home to make dinner. I'm getting much better at cooking more often.

Tonight's menu included grilled fish with tomato sambal, sauteed pea shoots, shrimp chips, and rice. The grilled fish is an Indonesian dish and it's official name is ikan bakar colo colo. It's the perfect dish on a summer day. I always love seafood and the vegetables in the condiment (sambal) is YUUUMMY! The sauteed pea shoots are courtesy of Thomas of The Sunday Best. I've never cooked pea shoots before. I have to say it was quite delightful. The only thing I did differently was add finely diced ginger. I don't know if it's an Indonesian custom to have shrimp chips at the dinner table but Hubby likes them when we do Asian. And as for the rice, I don't think there is an exclamation.

Doesn't it look delicious? Hubby got into taking pictures of our dinner a little too much and added the lettuce around the fish for affect... whatever!

For some, you might be freaked out by the sight of whole fish. It's something I'm used to and I don't really care to eat fish any other way (except for sea bass and kona kompachi). Some of you might want to know more and you are right. Once you try it, you'll want it again and again. It's that good. Even better, it's really easy to make.


1 whole fish, approximately 2lbs, cleaned (I liked to use white or golden promfret. Here, I did a his/ her fish.)
1/4 tsp sale
1 tbsp lime juice
2 tbsp oil
large piece of banana leaf or aluminum foil to wrap fish

colo colo sambal:
3 tbsp lime juice
2 tomatoes, diced
5 red chilies, thinly sliced
4 shallots, diced
4 tbsp sweet soy sauce
4 sprigs of Asian basil, chopped

Season fish with salt and lime juice. Brush with oil. Wrap fish with banana leaf/ aluminum foil and grill.

To make the sambal, combine all ingredients and mix well. Pour into individual sauce bowls to add to fish as desired (I poured it on top for looks.)


we should do this again

Today, I was hanging out with my friend Thu. She bought a house in the boonies several months ago but I have yet to make the trek to her new home. We just hung out and caught up on things. I played with her daughters. We talked about tonight's dinner and she wanted to make what I was making. We ended up stopping by the grocery store so she could get the ingredients. She later called me and let me know it's her and her husband's new favorite dish. YAY!

Gap dress, plenty by Tracey Reese belt, Chloé heels, F21 cuff, nameplate necklace

Monday, July 21, 2008

i'm a chictopia.com lurker

There are so many forums, social network communities, etc. to help me get my fashion fix of what others are wearing. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming. I mean... how many places do you/I really need to post your/my outfits? For awhile, I posted on teamsugar and the Fashion Spot. I posted and continue to post on My Style Diary but, for me, it truly is a diary to remind myself of my successes and my faux pas. I'm on the fence about joining Chictopia.

In the meantime, I'll just visit Chictopia and admire all the stylish folks. There are so many inspiring people. Each day, I have a new favorite Chictopian. My current favorite is melonade. Her style is chic, simple, and understated yet interesting. I want to be friends with her. I bet she's a lot of fun.

She also has two of the coolest bags that are now on my must have list. They are by Hayden-Harnett. I've always been a fan of Hayden-Harnett but my interest started to wane after buying a MILLION of their bags (in which two were given to my sister). Then, I saw melonade's and my love for Hayden-Harnett has been rekindled. Now, I just have to wait for another sale (and they just had one, too... DAMN).

Lido Quilted Leather Hobo in black patent $485

Tharpe Hobo in yam $548

some days are meant to be lazy

I was hardly productive today. I don't even know where the day went. It didn't get started until 6:30. Hubby and I went to Nordstrom (got some tights and panties), had pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), and grabbed some Asian groceries. We are hardly in that direction so we had to take advantage of getting cheap seafood, snacks, and uncommon veggies. I think we have enough food for the rest of the week.

By the way, my cardigan is hiding the ladder detail on the shoulders of my tunic. I'd rather hide the details of the tunic than show off my arms.

Kerrigan ladder tee tunic dress, Gap cardigan and leggings, MICHAEL Michael Kors sandals, Urban Outfitters cuff

Sunday, July 20, 2008

urban outfitters is stepping it up

I am amazed and perplexed about this growing trend... designers collaborating with chain retailers to create collections for the masses. Don't get me wrong. I love it. Maybe these designers feel less pressure so their creative juices really start to flow. Part of the appeal is being able to own a "designer" piece but the most of the appeal (for me) is getting something fun at a more affordable price.

Urban Outfittes has also jumped onto this bandwagon. When I first heard about Geren Ford's collaboration with UO, I can't say I was very excited. I've never been a Geren Ford fan. I don't even know what her aesthetic is. Then, during my recent shopping trip, I went into UO and noticed their Hawks by Geren Ford display. So... I thought- let's play and try some things on. I have to say... some of the clothing is pretty cute. Some of it is pretty awkward, too (like the round neck dress and the silk open back tee). I liked the sailor dress... so pretty. I also liked the ruffle front top but I found the straps odd and they don't look any better modeled here. I wish I tried on the buttonfront vest dress and I didn't even see cotton empire waist dress.

ruffle front top $88

buttonfront vest dress $98

cotton empire waist dress $98

sailor dress $118

Then I got news of the Steven Alan collaboration and that was something to be stoked about. I've been a fan of Steven Alan so I was very curious to see what he had done for Urban Outfitters. His UO line is called Lark & Wolf by Steven Alan... interesting name. I didn't see it at my local storefront but I found plenty to keep my interest on their website. I hope they look just as good in person as they do here.

seersucker blouse $48

gauze buttondown $58

shirt dress $78

gauze jumper $88

And then there is Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister. I can say I'm liking many of the pieces but I can't say that this is budget shopping. At these prices, I'd rather buy some Mike & Chris or Elizabeth & James. Still... I like to look at these pieces and when they go on sale, I might buy something.

impetueux top $128

farandol tie dress $158

kenya safara jumper $188

maasao jacket $208
(my favorite out of the collection)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

it's a sad day

I'm wearing the pants I got yesterday at Barneys... love them. Can't seem to get enough of wearing all black. Second time this week to wear my Rogan sweater vest. It's probably the best Rogan purchase I made. On a sad note, the weight of the metal chain on my new Kale bag is ripping the leather that attaches it to my bag. I hope Kale can/ will fix it. I hope there aren't more shipping charges for me. This sucks!

Tulle top, Rogan for Target sweater vest, Kerrigan pull on pants, CO-OP Barneys flats, Iosselliani necklace, and usual assortment of silver bangles, cuffs, and bracelets

jas mb

I was almost very good yesterday. I bought nothing at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Maybe, at the end, I will go back and purchase some underwear and hosiery like I had planned but there will be no crocheted Uggs for me.

Instead, I went to Barneys and what a delightful shopping experience it was. I got to see one of my favorite sales associates, Steven. Then, he saddened me with the news that he will be moving to Chicago. In any case, we still had fun.

A friend was telling me about a cheap Mike & Chris jacket that she saw on their website. When I went to the site to see what she's talking about, I said, "I just bought that!." So... I asked for a price adjustment and he kindly did that for me. As I was going to check out the handbags, he told me that Amanda put a jacket on hold for me. WHAT! He pulls it out and it's the Loomstate 'Coronado' crop jacket. I couldn't believe she remembered that I wanted it. As we looked around, I found amazing deals on a Kerrigan ladder tee tunic dress and pull on pants. Score!

But before even that, like I said, I wanted to look at bags. I was immediately drawn to a crackled gold Mike & Chris clutch. It's now mine. And then, I would discover Jas M.B. I never heard of this designer before. He is one of those designers that is so sought after but not the easiest to find.

All of his bags and accessories are handmade in London. He uses fine Italian leather that is dyed and treated in house. The craftsmanship is impeccable and I love the weightless construction. If you are so lucky to be in London, then you can go to Doors by Jas M.B. to get your fix. If not, you can still go their site.

Barneys is one of the few retailers that you find these amazing bags. There was one on sale and it was so lovely. It's only drawback was the fact it was white... WHITE!!! If I had it, it would stay white for maybe ONE DAY. I can just imagine wearing jeans and seeing a light shade of blue on one side of this bag. I don't need something that is going to give me that kind of stress.

So... end point- now I need a Jas M.B bag (but in black). I'm being tortured right now because there is one on sale at ShopBird for $299 (originally $738). Maybe someone will buy it and I can live with regret for not getting (or on the flipside, get it and have regret for spending more money). It's a lose-lose situation.

Here are some pics of their beautiful bags to tempt you (and me).

Asbo banana flat

Asbo medium hobo

Asbo tall flat

Knot Bowler medium

Knot Wings small

Friday, July 18, 2008

the three "j"s

High waisted pants are not the most flattering but I love these shorts. I bought them a week ago and I've worn them three times. Now, I'm thinking about heading to the Nordstrom sale. I smell trouble!

James Perse tank, J.Crew cardigan, Jamison shorts, MICHAEL Michael Kors flats, nameplate necklace, and Anthropologie cuff

i wish you were mine

I need a new sofa BADLY. It's not like my current sofa and chair are old (maybe 7-8 years old; okay... maybe that is old). The back offers no support, the pillows are misshapen, and the leather is worn (that's not really a bad thing). The bulk of the problem is they are no longer comfortable to sit on. We are always fighting over pillows so that we can have some back support. The sofa and chair probably should have been replaced 2-3 years ago (maybe longer). It hasn't happened because it seems like a shame to just throw out something that cost so much.

Our sofa and chair, as I mentioned, are leather. We have three dogs and it's nice to see the dog hair just fall off instead of stick. That's another reason why we keep this poor excuse of a sofa and chair. Another leather pair would be so expensive.

A week or two ago, we stopped by West Elm to buy a shelf. As we waited, Hubby started to check out the sofas. He was looking at the Tillar Modular Seating. I've never been a fan of sectionals but I thought it was neat how the backs work. The back supports can be shifted on the platform to create a new arrangement. I kept leaning back on them anticipating falling backwards but it never happened. I suddenly saw some potential of a sectional.

The next day, we had to go back to West Elm because of missing hardware and a dink on one of the pieces; and then he discovered another sectional- the Thompkins Sectional. I sat on it and it was so soft and plush. I started to daydream nights of lazy TV watching and just spreading across the chaise. It was then I fully understood the potential of a sectional. Unlike the first sectional, this one is filled with down so you can just imagine its comfort. I want it in the natural fabric (the left side of the picture). Finally, I look at the price tag and it reads $2598. I thought West Elm was suppose to be cheap. Damn it... I wish you were mine.

West Elm 'Thompkins' sectional $2598

Thursday, July 17, 2008

it's a good day

I had to carry my new bag Kale handbag today. That thing is freakin' heavy for a petite bag. I overlooked that possibility when I was considering a metal chain strap. It's all good though. I still love it. It holds a lot more than I anticipated. That's always a good thing.

I also got the dress recently from LFT during their 75% off sale. I love how comfortable it is and that it has pockets. If it was shorter, it would be perfect but I'm not being picky.

James Perse dress, Rogan for Target sweater vest, Old Navy sandals, Kale handbag, Iosselliani necklace, and usual assortment of bracelets

kale is not just a vegetable

I have been a fan of Kale handbags for quite awhile. The leather is luscious and you can't help but swoon over the fuchsia suede interior. The design of the bags are classic but modern at the same time.

Living in a city that is obsessed with Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, or some other huge brand, it's hard to find the obscure, smaller labels. And that's why there is Barneys and I'm so happy that my city was bestowed this fabulous store. Last year, I bought a beautiful suede, pine green Kale 'Weyman' clutch from them. I just like to look at it, play with it, and admire its beauty. It will see daylight in August when Hubby and I go to Houston for my cousin's wedding.

Then, I saw the Kale 'Stella' bag on shopbop. They had an exclusive version in fuchsia that is beyond lovely. At $475, the price was a bit steep. (drumroll)... I saw the bag on eBay. After five bids, it was mine. I was stoked. Then, I received the bag and I was a bit disappointed. I didn't realize how short the strap was and I had hopes to wear it as a crossbody bag.

I wasn't going to let a good bag go to waste. I called Kale and ask about changing the strap. Guess who answered the phone? It was Jennifer Kale, one of the sisters behind the label. She is the coolest person ever. She says it's no problem changing the strap. She would check to see if the leather is still available but also suggested a metal chain strap. After several emails, she let me know that they have the leather available and the price for the new strap; and told me to send the bag back to them. I sent the bag to them but I couldn't decide which strap to get (they were the same price) so I let Jennifer make the decision. After consulting her sister, they decided on the metal chain strap. Ooh... I can't wait to get it.

Today, the doorbell rings and I wonder- Is my studded belt from Patricia Field here? No, the box is from Kale. I rip it open and I see my fabuloso bag. I put it on immediately and prounce around the house. I email Jennifer and I tell her how amazing it is. I take pictures. I share it with the world. Isn't it super duper WOW?

Kale is the most amazing handbag label. Who would give you the same kind of service as this? They have amazing communication. They customized my bag and now I have a one of a kind bag. There are just no proper words to say how great they are. Thanks Kale!