" My Style Lounge: August 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I don't know about your but I'm ecstatic that tomorrow is Friday. ECSTATIC!!!

As a reader noticed, I got my haircut about 2 weeks ago. I had to get rid of that tentacle-like thing I had on right side of my head. I want to grow it out some but in the meantime, I also still need to go back regulary just to give shape to my hair. It's been hard finding a happy medium with the length of my hair. It's too long to make it stick up the way I like. It's too short for it to style the way I want it now. I also have to find that happy place where I can wear it to work and still like it. With the help of a curling iron, pomade, and lots of hairspray, I like what it has been doing the past few days because flat wasn't where it was at.

C&C California tank, Gap cardigan, Elizabeth and James pants, Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals, Iosselliani necklace, Banana Republic bangles, Tiffany bracelets

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ped egg

You have to have seen the Ped Egg commercials (that sentence doesn't sound right... but oh well). They are pretty gross but that's probably why I continue to watch them when they come on. I have to say they have gotten me intrigued. Piles of nasty dead skin collected within the storage compartment. It sounds a bit too good to be true but then a friend purchased it and told me of its worthiness. After reading some reviews on drugstore.com, I think I'm going to buy it. It has to do a better job than most pedicurists who take about 30 seconds to scrub. And who doesn't want feet as soft as a baby's butt?

playing with putty

When I bought this dress, I had visions of pairing it with a turtleneck, tights, and boots but the weather isn't quite ready for that. I didn't expect to like the dress so much without them either. I took off the tie belt it came with and added a nude color belt to contrast the putty/ grey color of the dress. They unexpectedly complement each other.

Two days of pretty... I think I might go for something a little more rugged tomorrow.

Gap dress, Anthropologie belt, Farylrobin heels, Urban Outfitters necklace, F21 cuff

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

madewell online shopping is almost here

Madewell is one of my favorite stores for basics. The colors are rich, the cuts are flattering, most of their clothing is made from natural fibers, and there is a lot to choose from. You are suppose to be able to shop with them online soon but they are not quite there yet. I checked out the site this evening in hopes it was but I found something even better. Madewell was featured in People Stylewatch and so this awesome retailer is offering 20% off on online or phone purchases. Just use code STYLEWATCH. You can bet I will be buying some stuff as soon their shopping site comes up! My Madewell shopping list just keeps on growing!

a pretty combination

This cardigan is probably one of my best purchases. It's so freakin' soft to the touch and the color is so pretty. With the hoodie, it's the ultimate cardigan. I should wear this skirt more, too. It makes me happy.

Do you still believe in no white after Labor Day? I don't really get that rule because suddenly winter white becomes the option. Isn't that still white?

C&C California tank, Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent cardigan, Joie skirt, Farylrobin heels, Lenora Dame necklace, F21 cuff

Monday, August 25, 2008

today is the start of a new year

Today, I had high hopes to wear my Built by Wendy dress I got from a warehouse sale but I didn't realize I didn't have the right shoes for it. I really need to get some wearable black heels. After a couple different outfits, I just decided to wear pants.

I love the shoes; I hate the pain I must endure wearing them. I won't allow myself to wear them for eight hours straight again. I happen to keep a pair of flip flops at work and had to switch to them TWICE. The shoes gave me black feet and I can't say that looks too hot.

Vince tee, Gap top, Kerrigan pants, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Urban Outfitters necklace, F21 cuff


I wish you could see the zebra stripes on my leggings better and I wish I never bought this top. I do wish I bought those Rogan for Target skinny jeans when I had the chance.

I also figured out how to enlarge pictures on my blog. Google gives you three choices in size. I wish I was an HTML expert.

American Apparel top, Rogan for Target leggings, Leopoldo Giordano flats, F21 cuff

Saturday, August 23, 2008

to be or not to be? FCUK top

Tonight, I was browsing the FCUK website and to my eyes' delight, I saw TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 50% OFF SALE" across the screen (with code SS50).
As any smart gal would do, I went straight for the sale. I see two pants that tickle my fancy (I own no FCUK so please share your thoughts on sizing) and this top- GALLOP TANK. I like the horsies (yes, horsies) racing across it. It comes in two different color combinations but I have to say, I'm taken by this one shown. I see skinny pants and a long cardigan with it. When you take off the discount, it only comes out to $25, too. Do you think I should get it?

missing in action

My blog has been very neglected and I apologize for that. Summer is not an exciting season to blog about and then returning to work has left me very busy... late nights and the weekend devoted to work.

I also feel like I'm in a a kind of fashion crisis. I don't like most of my closet... or more like, I'm uninspired by my closet. I have fantasies of abandoning it (except for that 10% that I LOVE) and starting fresh... like that's ever going to happen.

Fall is not coming soon enough.

Gap top, James Perse dress, Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals, F21 necklace and cuff

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

not on purpose

It's been raining since Monday with temperatures in the 70s and low 80s- a very odd thing for the middle of August in Texas. Not wanting wet toes, I actually decided to wear boots. It was a good thing as my peers complained about puddles of water drenching their feet.

I didn't notice my finger position when taking these pictures. I'm not flipping you but it's kind of funny!

Rogan for Target top, Vince tee, Rich & Skinny jeans, Miss Sixty boots, usual assortment of bangles and bracelets

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

dreaming of plain

I don't like this outfit. I felt too colorful, too prissy, too boring. Running close to late (well, actually, I was late by 5 minutes), I didn't have time to rethink the outfit. Tomorrow, I am going to take it about 10 notches down in color and go for something a little more plain.

C&C California tank, Madewell cardigan, Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt, Chloé heels, F21 cuff

Monday, August 18, 2008

back to work

I had to go back to work today. I must have put on a million things before I figured out the right outfit- formal enough for work without being stuffy or overdressed and casual enough without looking dowdy.

I LOVE THIS TOP. I got it yesterday and it looks like nothing on the hanger but does magic when you put it on. The neck is cut perfectly, the material is an interesting weave that is uber comfortable, and the short sleeves are just right. It's a winner!

James Perse top, Madewell cardigan, Hudson jeans, Farylrobin heels, F21 cuff

Sunday, August 17, 2008

a peek of berry

Today, I'm wearing the other new pair of shoes I got. Just like yesterday's pair, they aren't much to look at without putting them on. They are my favorite out of the two.

I went to LFT today to bring back two tops. All I wanted was to exchange them but they would only take back one. I was really sad. I left the top there and plan to call later in the week when the general manager/ co-owner is there. I will beg him to take pity on me and rid me of the shirt. It's all ruffly and very pretty but just not me. That's what 75% off sometimes do to you... gets you to buy things you wouldn't normally consider. I didn't leave empty handed though. For some odd reason, I keep finding stuff in their sales racks. I got two James Perse dresses, a James Perse top, and a Kerrigan sleeveless top. Gee...

American Apparel tee, Gap shirt, Goldsign jeans, Farylrobin heels, Malababa bag, F21 cuff

Saturday, August 16, 2008

all about the shoes

An outfit post is LONG overdue. There are many reasons why I haven't taken pictures but I won't bore you with details. Just look at my new shoes instead. I think they are darling.

Today's agenda- clean, have lunch with Hubby, do some shopping at the Gap, and stop by DSW. I ended up not getting those t-strap heels by Modern Vintage. They looked awful with my outfit which aren't the shoes fault. I still like them but I've just decided to wait. If they are still there in a few weeks, then they are meant to be. If not, it will be okay because it's not the end of the world.

Madewell cardigan, American Apparel dress. Kerrigan pants, Farylrobin heels, usual assortment of bracelets and bangles, Iosselliani necklace

Friday, August 15, 2008

180 degrees

I've completely digressed from the shoe shopping list I made earlier. Sometimes... it happens and in this case, I'm so excited about these new pairs that I've kind of moved on from my semi-old list.

Today, I bought two pairs of Farylrobins. A few days ago, I was looking for the one on my list at DSW (they had the Farylrobins called 'Angela' but in white) and I ended up discovering two completely different pairs. Even better... they were half off, I had a $5 off coupon, and today is the start of tax-free weekend. So... now they are mine.

Farylrobin 'Dia' peeptoe pump

Farylrobin 'Madras' peeptoe slingback

It doesn't stop there. I saw a few other pairs of shoes at DSW by Modern Vintage. Before DSW, I knew nothing about the brand. Now, I'm hooked and I think I'm going back.

Modern Vintage 'Melissa' peeptoe slingback (but in red)
(They are only $64.50 on shopbop.)

Modern Vintage 'Unna' t-strap slingback
(I will get these tomorrow.)

Modern Vintage 'Zorba' peeptoe pump

Does that mean I'm over my original shopping list? Not really but sort of. Someone bought the Seychelles boots in my size so they are out of the question (unless I can find a black pair on eBay). As for the two other pairs, who knows... Seeing shoes in real life helps A LOT!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

going through a kerrigan phase

Until this summer, I didn't look twice at Kerrigan. Then I visited a local boutique called LFT and a Kerrigan snap tunic at 75% off would catch my eye. Since then, my Kerrigan purchases have been snowballing. I would then pick up a ladder tee tunic dress and pull on pants at Barneys (on sale, of course). It doesn't stop there. I, unintentionally, ended up at LFT again, this past weekend, while shopping with my brother and his girlfriend. There, I was bombarded with more Kerrigan deals. I picked up another snap tunic, a pair of pull on jeans (not to confuse you with my pull on pants), and a knotted dress. Do you think I have enough Kerrigan? I will just answer for you. Yes, I do!

That doesn't stop me from checking out their fall line and it's more expensive half- Daryl K. Oooh... I can't wait for fall!

Monday, August 11, 2008

madewell shopping list

Madewell has become one of my favorite stores to buy basics. They have awesome (yes, awesome) cardigans and scarves. They are also introducing a new jeans line for fall that I want to check out. Fall wouldn't be fall without boots and they have a couple options that would fit perfectly into my shoe collection. I've created a shopping list of what I NEED (okay, want).

If you don't have a Madewell near you, don't fret. You'll get to shop on Madewell online very soon (within a month)... so exciting!

cardigan vest $58

printed patchwork square $58

Minetta dress $68

sleeveless tunic $88

Downtown ankle boots $228
(very similar to my tan Fryes)

moccasin boots $268
(oooh... slouchy- nice!)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

my shoes shopping list

I'm starting to accrue a list of shoes that I want. I have been so indecisive that it's driving me crazy. Should I get them? Should I not? Will they go on sale? Can I find an coupon code? Will I wear them? Blah... blah... blah...

Some shoes I want more than others. There's also many other styles that I'm in continued search for. I still need the perfect (affordable) almond/ round toe nude and black pumps (mean one pair of each; not together). I need some tan and black flat or heeled tall boots (again, a pair of eachl) that will fit my calves. But you know... when you get distracted by other fabulous pairs, what are you to do?

I first saw the Farylrobin 'Arial' wedges in an Anthropologie catalog that I got in the mail. They were red and they were lovely. I have seen them range in price from $132 to $190 but in some odd twist of fate, tonight I saw them on the DSW site for $89.94. They have them in black, white, and red. I'm thinking black because I would get more wear out of them but red is pretty hot.

Farylrobin 'Arial' leather wedge $89.94

Then, there are the Jeffrey Campbell 'Maze' sandals. I saw them on a Chictopian and I had to find out more. They can come off a bit hookerish but with just the right outfit, I think they would look AMAZING! This Chictopian knew how to work them with a simple tee and jeans.

Jeffrey Campbell 'Maze' sandals $100

Finally, I want the Seychelles 'Under Construction' boots. A friend has them in brown and then I saw them in black on a shopgirl at Barneys. I have been on a mad hunt for the black pair and I finally found them. I have been sitting on this shopping cart for a few weeks in hopes they would get cheaper (because I can get it cheaper in brown). I would share with you wear I found them but then I would have to kill you.

Seychelles 'Under Construction' boots $100

I hope in the next few weeks they will all be mine. To be continued...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

free people

It's been a long time since I have found anything from Free People very interesting. And then... I got a catalog in the mail. I guess it comes when you order things from Urban Outfitters. I have to say I am quite happy it arrived. There hasn't been much exciting findings lately or if there has, it's already been blogged about (hence, part of the reason I have ignoring my own blog). Back to my point... beyond all the hippy loving clothing, there are some things I really want. The one thing I find baffling is... why is their stuff so expensive?

textured dolman cardigan $108

travel companion cardigan $108

hooded fleece vest $128

proper colonel coat $138

Parisian hooded duster $168

Scottish fringe jacket $168

boucle officer jacket $198

rain cotton jodhpur $98

Jeffrey Campbel 'Krystal' wedge $98

wrapped fringe boot $168

Frye Paige suede slouch boot $228

fishnet anklets $16

stripe nomad over the knee socks $24

textured over the knee socks $24

star light tights $28

twist and twirl mobius $48

studded crocodile belt $268