" My Style Lounge: September 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

just another day

There really isn't anything interesting to say since I'm not wearing the most interesting outfit. Oh well.

C&C California tank, Gap cardigan, Theory skirt, Leopoldo Giordano flats, and my standard jewelry of choice

Monday, September 29, 2008

it's about time

I bought this necklace many months ago and it finally makes its debut today. I should wear it more often.

Club Monaco top, Vince tank, Kerrigan pants, Roberto del Carlo sandals, F21 necklace and cuff

Friday, September 26, 2008

a different take on gladiators

Today, I'm sporting a pair of new shoes I bought a couple days. I mentioned them Saturday when I saw them at DSW. They sell for $210 in black patent at Shopbop but I wanted them in grey mouse suede. DSW had them for $160 and after a short conversation about noticing a mark here and a mark there, they took off another 30% off... so, I got them for $112 and double points. Not so bad, I might say. I hope after a few wears, they will become more tolerable to wear because... DAMN, they're cute. Let's see if I last in them tomorrow because I'm wearing them again.

You know... I don't have much red in my closet. I'm not sure why. I don't love red but I do like it. And sometimes, I think it looks so hot to wear a flash of red. Today, I'm glad I had it because I wanted to wear red. Now that I think about it, I've got a patriotic tone goin' on. That wasn't intentional.

Gap top, American Apparel v-neck, Goldsign jeans, Farylrobin flats, and my standard arm candy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

jeffrey campbell is rockin' my shoe world

Until this summer, I paid no mind to Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Now, I have two pairs and I want two more. I love the illusion of them being uber tall but actually only having heels under 3 inches (after you subtract the difference of the platform; have to love platforms). That's my kind of shoes. It helps that they are pretty fierce, too.

'Marly' platform $125
(I'm thinking gold. What about you?)

ruffle platform heel $135

these shoes aren't made for walkin'

Sometimes, you love what you buy. Sometimes, you think- what was I thinking? Today, I am MOSTLY having that "I love what I bought" feeling." The belt, necklace, and cuff are some of my favorite things. I wear them to death. I have similar belts to the one I'm wearing but they don't receive the love that I give to this belt. I wish I had it in more colors. The necklace was last year's birthday gift from Hubby and my first and only Iosselliani piece of jewelry. I think it's apparant that I want more. As for the cuff, it's withstood the test of time. Urban Outfitters doesn't (or shouldn't) be associated with lasting jewelry. You probably have had something break, change color, or take part in some other deformity. In the case of this cuff, it looks the same as the day I bought.

Though I don't wear them as often as the above mentioned, I also LOVE the dress and the skirt. The dress makes me happy when I wear it. I bought it over the summer and it was the first time I ever ordered anything from the Gap. It's from the European Collection which you can only get from their website. They need to sell this stuff in their stores. I have had the skirt for many, many years that I don't even remember when I bought it. I just remember where I bought it and I didn't have the same love for it as I do now. To avoid the whole "you're not suppose to wear white after Labor Day" discussion, I decided to wear it as a layering piece. In this case, I think it worked. It has a petticoat kind of feel. I will have to do that more often.

This is where the word MOSTLY fits in. I can't say I love my shoes. Don't get me wrong. I think they look freakin' hot. It's just that after wearing them a handful of times, they haven't gotten anymore comfortable. The peeptoe digs into my toes. OUCH! Luckily, I keep a pair of flip flops at work and I switch to them every once in awhile to get some relief. DAMN too cute shoes that are equally painful. What is a girl to do?

Gap dress, Joie skirt, Zero Maria Conejo belt, Farylrobin heels, Iosselliani necklace, Urban Outfitters cuff

Monday, September 22, 2008

virginia johnson gots it goin' on

If anything can get me temporarily out of a funk, it's the combination of fashion and fall. Fall is my favorite season of the year. The weather starts to get cooler. The leaves start to fall. You can find an insane selection of apples to dip in caramel and nuts. The holidays are coming closer (For some odd reason, I LOVE Thanksgiving.). And the clothing selection just becomes surreal. Boots, tights, and scarves/ shawls make me all giddy inside.

I'm going crazy for Virginia Johnson shawls, too. When I went to Barneys to get my beauty product fix this past weekend, I walked through the ladies CO-OP section and became transfixed by her shawls. I started to daydream of cold, cold days with my neck wrapped by such delight. I love the patterns and I love the COLORS. They are bold and bright. Now,I just need to find $210 (plus tax) to spare because that's a lot for a shawl.

Virginia Johnson shawls $210

the first day of fall

Fall is officially here. I just wish it looked like fall here because we only really have two seasons here. The other two show themselves for maybe a week or two.

I'm a little disgruntled with life right now. Do you ever wish you can just start all over and do EVERYTHING differently? Some people say they wouldn't change a thing but bullshi**. I would do a lot of things differently. Maybe, I can make fall a time of renewal.

Gap top, Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt, Roberto del Carlo sandals, J.Crew necklace, F21 cuff

Sunday, September 21, 2008

bring it on malababa

Just when I thought 4 Malababa bags was enough for my handbag collection, they come out with more gorgeous bags for me to lust after. There is something architectural about the designs, the choice of colors is simply perfect, and I just like how nicely the name Malababa rolls off my tongue. They're bags you'll carry forever. I NEED more Malababa!

mini Filomena bag $360

mini Bemon bag $420

Fernanda Malla clutch $455

Superglue bag $532

Bemon bag $715

Saturday, September 20, 2008

latest obsession- the row reversible jacket

Isn't this the most rad jacket ever? With shearling on one side and leather on the other, it's double the fun; double the pleasure. If I had $3750 for pocket change, I would already own it. Maybe this should be a "wish you were mine" post since I won't ever be able to get it unless it's like 99% off (okay, 95% off).

The Row shearling reversible jacket

a very good saturday

I enjoyed today A LOT (except for the bad hair day). I went to Barneys to take part in their Love Yourself Event. Somehow, I spent exactly $175 (minimum requirement) to get my free gift. Barneys knows how to give, too. I especially love the makeup bag. There were a few black bags left and plenty of gold. I found the gold to be so much prettier and more interesting. I'm a little disappointed in my Barneys beauty section though. There really isn't much to pick from. I spent too much time just trying to find something to buy. Now, if they had Hourglass Cosmetics like they their website, I probably would have been out within 30 minutes. Anyways, I went to the lady's CO-OP to see what there was. I fell in love with an Alexander Wang handbag and I bought 2 Vince tank tops for $19- SCORE!!!

I also decided to stop by DSW. I have two coupons that I need to use. In amazement, I found two Farylrobins that I have been wanting. You might recall my "wish you were mine" post on the Asti style. Well, they had it in black and they are just like I imagined- AMAZING. They also had the Zebra style that I have had my eyes on. I'm torn because they are DSW "retail prices" ($140 and $160) which is only a few bucks cheaper than retail and there are only 1 or 2 in my size left. Knowing they are "ugly pretty," they probably will hang out for awhile. At the same time, I can't risk losing Asti- a style I have been wanting FOR EVER. What is a girl to do?

Oh... and I'm wearing a pair of new shoes. LOVE THEM!!!

C&C California tank, Mike & Chris hoodie, Goldsign jeans, Jeffrey Campbell hooker heels, Andrea Brueckner handbag, Iosselliani necklace, Phillip Crangi for Gap bracelet, Tiffany bracelets, and SYDney Evan bracelet

Thursday, September 18, 2008

compliments will get you somewhere with me

People always wonder how I wear high heels all the time. Today, I'm wearing flats and they hurt more than any of my heels. Shoes are not for comfort; they're for looks!

I said I would wear a dress and I did. I got this dress for $20. I almost passed it up but the salesgirl convinced me to get it with her tales of how she's worn it. I just wish the elastic waist was a bit higher (or maybe the reality is I wish I was taller).

I almost forgot to mention. I love the triple chain necklace I'm wearing. It looks so pretty when it's worn just right. But all day long, the three layers of chains start to twist around each other and become a knot of necklaces. A co-worker complimented it and I handed it to her. I told her if it sits on her right, she could have it. I think she wears it better than me. She offered money but I told her to pay me back another day, another way. I hope she doesn't forget.

Gap dress, Madewell cardigan, Club Monaco belt, Wolford tights, All Black flats, Eric et Lycie necklace, F21 cuff

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

lastest obsession- intarsia cardigans

Intarsia- "a knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours." (Wikipedia)

My obsession with intarsia first began when I saw the Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent log cabin cardigan. Then I was knocked over when I found out it was sold out before I even had a chance to get it. At $385, my reaction was kind of silly since I would never pay that much. All of a sudden, it came back so now I can just lust, hope, and wish for it. Maybe, I will get lucky and there will be one left for me if it goes to 70% off.

My intarsia obsession doesn't stop there. I'm killing for Mara Hoffman's take on the design. I love the color palette, the abstract butterfly/ insect pattern, the cozy look, and simple design.

In the end, I think I will be getting my intarsia fix with what Urban Outfitters has to offer. They've got two great options at just the right price. I'm so excited. There's nothing in my closet like it. Being a person that keeps buying the same thing over, it can't get better than this!

BDG Intarsia shawl collar cardigan $78

Midnight Sun intarsia cardigan $78
(Expect to land in my closet in the very near future... LOVE LOVE LOVE)

Mara Hoffman intarsia cardigan sweater $308

Mara Hoffman long sleeve wrap sweater $385

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent log cabin cardigan $385

i don't like to be pinched

I might just need to give up on these shoes (or not wear them to work). The peep toe pinches at my poor, defenseless toes. It's a shame really because I love them so much. They might be better for lunch or dinner dates, a trip to the movie theatre, or whatever doesn't require a lot of walking.

Tomorrow, I feel like wearing a dress. I think I need to pull out the $20 Gap dress I recently got on clearance. I love clearance.

American Apparel tee, Original Penguin sweater, Kerrigan pants, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, J.Crew necklace, F21 cuff

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i wish you were mine

I LOVE the October issue of Lucky Magazine. It's chopped full of things I want. I was ready to copy many of the ideas because I found them so inspiring. But difficulty finding the clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, whatever just left me frustrated and sad.

One of the articles was about spiked jewelry. OH MY GOD... I want it all. Spiked necklaces and bracelets have such a classic edge to them. They are tough, a bit rocker, but organic at the same time. If I can find it, I'm thinking I will buy the Isaac Manevitz for Ben-Amun 'double row spike' necklace. Not only is it freakin' hot, it's only $160. I can afford that.

At the same time, I want the Elizabeth and James version. Actually, I think the whole E&A jewelry collection is phenomenal. Not only do I want the dagger necklace, I would also take the chain necklaces, silver knuckle ring, double cut out bracelet, silver bangles, and all of the cuffs. GEE!!!

Okay, sorry for being distracted. Elizabeth and James dagger necklace, I wish you were mine. You and I would be happy together. I would wear you with love and make sure nothing happened to you. You would make a potato sack look AMAZING! Let's get it on...

Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James dagger necklace $525

where are you from again?

An apparent fall trend is textured/ patterned tights. They are all over the place and the selection is awesome. The pair I wore today is so old, I can't quite remember where they came from or when I bought them. I have to say, it must have been over 5 years ago and I'm guessing they are from Banana Republic. I remember finding great textured tights there markdown to a very nice price. I also got grey fishnets that I have yet to wear and still in their package (my BR clue). I think I will be pulling them out soon.

James Perse dress, Club Monaco cardigan, Banana Republic? tights, Frye boots, J.Crew jewelry

Monday, September 15, 2008

i wish it was 60 degrees all day long

Yesterday, I had plans to take pictures of all the shoes I bought since summer but haven't worn. Well... it didn't happen. Instead, I wasted most of Sunday away. The idea just laid in the back of my thoughts until the sun started to set.

Anyways, I chose to wear one of those new shoes- a pair of Steve Madden boots. I am almost to the point of despise for Steve Madden. It doesn't even make sense that I even found them. I was walking in the mall one summer day and passed by the store. Maybe, I was drawn by huge sale signs but who knows... I walked in and I found these shoes. At the time, they were probably $80something on sale. That's too much for a pair of Steve Madden shoes. A few weeks later, I would be in that mall again and decided to see if the boots were still there. They were but marked down to $40 with an additional 20% off. Obviously... I walked out of the store with them. I have been waiting for the day to be able to wear them.

Today, I woke up to 60 degree temperature. That's not really cold but when the day before was in the 90s, it's a huge difference. I was happy to pull out a jacket and a pair of boots.

American Apparel top, Loomstate jacket, Rich & Skinny jeans, Steve Madden boots, Iosselliani necklace

Sunday, September 14, 2008

one isn't enough for me

I've been living in these cargos. I wore them 3 times this week. I think I need another pair in a different color.

Tomorrow, it's suppose to be in the 70s for the high. In my neck of the woods, cooler weather doesn't usually arrive so early. I am more than ecstatic.

Vince tank and sweater, Gap cargoes, Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals, Iosselliani necklace, Banana Republic bangles, Tiffany bracelets, and SYdney Evan bracelet

an assortment of tights

One of my favorite fall/ winter essentials are tights. I have always loved them and I always will. Over the years, I have built up a massive collection and I continue to buy more. It's pretty ridiculous actually. I have so many that I can't keep up with them all and I can't find them when I need... it's pretty much a mess in two underbed storage boxes.

This fall's selection doesn't disappoint at all. For one, I really want to get a pair by Falke and I'm ecstatic that Shopbop now carries the line. A girl always needs a quality pair.

For two, I buy most (if not all) of my tights from Nordstrom. They always have an excellent selection and on occasion, you'll find some good deals. I also love their house brand.

So... stock up on your tights. I'd like to add some of these to my selection.

Nordstrom over the heel tights $12
(I bought a ton of them during their Anniversary Sale. I never knew the wonders of footless tights until now. They look hot over the heel.)

Hue opaque tights $12.50
(Hue always makes a good selection of colors. You can't go wrong with their opaque tights.)

Spanx arrow pattern tights $28
(Spanx makes some of my favorite tights. Their patterned ones this season are fun!)

Falke fishnet stockings $34
(I get a bit scared to wear fishnet stockings but I am going to try wearing them over tights. A nude pair alone also look fabulous without screaming slutty.)

Spanx reversible tight-end tights $34
(I love these because they are thick, matte, and reversible.)

Donna Karan crocodile pattern tights $40
(This pair in brown is HOT!)

Falke family tights $45

Falke soft merino slim rib tights $65

Nordstrom slick leggings $68
(So... Nordstrom has jumped on the latex/ lame bandwagon. I have to check them out because they are cheaper than Kova & T.)

Kova & T lace leggings $110
(These are classified as leggings but they seem more like tights to me and they are so lovely. I must have.)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

what the f....!!!!

So... I have been itching for a pair of Hunter Wellies for... well, EVER!!! Not only do they look cool, they are functional (and they would have been perfect today). I've tried them on a couple times so I know what size I need. I was just hoping to find them at a steal. Instead, the price went up from $95 to $115. What the f***?

Now, I can kick myself here and kick myself there. I did have a couple chances to save some pocket change. Smith & Hawken has sent me a few coupons and even a Family & Friends invite. I wait and I wait for a deal but when it comes, I forget why I want it. Damn! I guess I will still be waiting because now I need to make up the $20 increase as well.

BTW, I can't decide between black, chocolate, navy, purple, or yellow. What do you think I should get (when I finally get the nerve to buy them)?

Hunter Wellies $115

simon doonan knows what he's talking about

I like the new Barneys' fashion videos. Simon Doonan is a hoot! Plus, I have a growing desire for all things leather now.

Friday, September 12, 2008

grey grey and grey

Grey tee, grey sweater vest, and grey shoes- it's a bit much, right? Well, I really wanted to wear the shoes and the vest. When it came to picking a top, I felt limited.

Anyways... the shoes are new. I first saw them at Nordstrom Houston but in a size too small. Two calls later, I found them and they arrived about a week later. I was shocked how comfortable they were for a whole work day and for wearing them for the first time. There is just one annoying thing- the ties in the back constantly came undone and I was tying the back of the shoes all day long. At the end, I still like them. Next time, I'll wear them with other colors.

American Apparel tee, MK2K sweater vest, Goldsign jeans, Jeffrey Campbell booties, and the same jewelry I've been wearing all week

Thursday, September 11, 2008

will target's go line keep my interest?

Okay, my interest in Target's Go International line has started to wane. Three lines later and nothing has compared to the bags full of Rogan I picked up. Actually, I forgot about the current line- New Next Row. It wasn't until reading another blog did I realize it came out. I stopped by Target last week to check it out and it lived up to my non-existent expectation. There were things that were cute here and there but nothing that made my jaw drop.

And then... there is the belted ruffle dress. This, I have to have. It's so freakin' awesome (and I rarely use the word awesome). I see so much potential in the dress- wear it alone, wear it with cardigans (or blazers), put another top over it and use it as a skirt, wear it with a turtleneck underneath, etc. Damn... it has so many possibilities! I can't wait to buy it!

ebony belted ruffle calico print dress $39.99

strong enough for a man; made for a woman

So... I bought this vest a year ago and today, ummm... is the first time I'm wearing it. I hope to pull it out more.

I've become a big fan of vests... especially long knit vests. It gives a nice alternative to cardigans. If I can get my fatass arms in blazers, I would be wearing them, too. Believe me, I tried but I can't find one- 1. I like and 2. that fits my big arms and my not as big body.

As you can see, my outfit has a strong menswear feel. Aside from the vest, I pulled out my oxford heels. I don't like the shoes as much as the vest. Okay, enough about vests...

Ladies of the Canyon dress, Gap vest, DKNY tights, Naturalizer oxfords, a Common Thread belt, Iosselliani necklace, Tiffany bracelets, SYdney Evan bracelet, and Banana Republic bangles

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Today was a VERY LONG work day. I had to do a group presentation among a large crowd and damn... was I nervous. I'm just glad it's over with. In hindsight, I realize I left out a lot but it was still a very good day over all.

I also have to say these boots were a good purchase. I got them last winter and I searched high and low for the best deal. I ended up getting them at an amazing price. I think they will be getting a lot of wear as the temperatures continue to go down.

Gap dress, Madewell cardigan, Club Monaco belt, Nordstrom tights, Frye boots, Iosselliani necklace, Tiffany bracelets, SYdney Evan bracelet, and Banana Republic bangles

Monday, September 8, 2008

they're back and better than ever

I bought this dress two summers ago and wore it once. After wearing it, I realized that it was too big so I took it to the tailors. Today was the first day wearing it though it was awhile back that I had it altered. I was pleasantly surprised to see an added button along the chest opening so I wasn't showing off the assets. My tailor is so awesome.

Recognize the shoes? After a trip to Mexico in June, I thought they would have to rest in peace. The heel broke on one of them and, honestly, they started to look raggedy. Before giving up all hope on my favorite pair of shoes, I took them to the cobbler. It was my first trip ever to the cobbler and I am so glad I did it. They repaired the heel and even dyed/ cleaned (hell, I don't know what they do) them to look new. There are no more jean stains, water stains, blah, blah. I'm so happy!

Wyeth by Todd Magill dress, Gap camisole, Roberto del Carlo heels, J.Crew necklace, and F21 cuff

Sunday, September 7, 2008

fall into the gap

I don't think I have been this excited about a Gap collection as I am about what they have for us for fall. I know there are a lot of Gap haters but I'm not one of them. I love the color palette, the insertion of plaid, and the classic shapes they have this season. My shopping list is longer than ever. If I keep looking, I bet I would find more, too. Now, it's just about waiting for the sales to begin...


cowlneck pullover $34

double-pocket cardigan $54

button-front sweater vest $58

striped roll-sleeve cardigan $58

long belted cardigan $68

the boyfriend cardigan $68


cool roll-up cargo pants $59.50

stirrup jeans $69.50

skinny ankle-zip jeans $78

black skinny jeans $88


brown plaid popover dress $58


double-breasted jacket $46.99

long tailored jacket $88

boyfriend peacoat $119.99


plaid fringe scarf $29.50