" My Style Lounge: November 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i finally made my target purchase

I finally took the plunge. I made a online Target purchase. I have been eyeing all of these things for quite some time gambling with the chance that they may sell out. I made a good gambling move because one of the dresses finally reached 75% off. The rest of the stuff is 50% off and I probably would have waited but then a couple things would go against me. My shopping cart would not be equivalent to $50 for free shipping and I would have to find more to buy anyways. Shipping would have been about $9. I also wouldn't have been able to use the $5 off coupon that I found. So... after adding everything to my cart, applying the coupon code, and actually remembering to use my Lucky Rewards, the final total was (drumroll)... $52.47. I'm so happy.

If I change my mind about anything, I can easily return something and not lose the $5 off. (Lesson- just buy up to $50 to get free shipping and use the coupon. Then return what you don't want to a storefront later if you must.) Obviously, I have never done this before. I hope no one from Target read that.

Jonathan Saunders Ebony Ponte Mini Dress 16.49
Jonathan Saunders Marble Print Colorblock Dress $9.99
Go International Ebony Belted Ruffle Calico Print Dress $9.99 (the deciding factor to finally process my order; it was about time it went to 75% off)

Jonathan Saunders White Kalidescope Screen Tee $8.49
Jonathan Saunders Windowpane Screen Tee $8.49

gravely overdue but better than never

It's been ages since I last posted my outfits. I've been trying to take pictures when I can and where I can and it hasn't been easy without my typical photo spot. I tried a free corner of my bedroom but I didn't feel like making my bed on subsequent days. If I had realized that you wouldn't even see my bed, I probably would have continued to use Lately, I have settled with the bathroom which isn't so bad if you ignore the hanging robes and the hair dryer's cord. The lighting is definitely better.

So tonight... I finally checked out the camera and I had forgotten that I took pictures prior to the house guests' visit. I don't remember when I took them but here they are.

American Apparel v-neck, Mike & Chris hoodie, Habitual Jeans, J.Crew bracelet, and Roberto del Carlo sandals

Club Monaco sweater, Gap tank, J.Crew cords (recent purchase for a mere $17), regular arm candy, and Miss Sixty boots

Martin & Osa turtleneck, Gap skirt, Urban Outfitters belt, Spanx tights, Philip Crangi for Gap bracelet, F21 cuff, gold bangles from Mom, and Miss Sixty boots

Martin & Osa turtleneck, Kain t-shirt, Goldsign jeans, Miss Sixty boots

Gap dress and camisole, American Apparel cardigan, Urban Outfitters belt, Banana Republic patterned tights, J.Crew bangles, Miss Sixty boots

Can you tell that I got my haircut? It's much cleaner. You might have noticed that I can't stop wearing my Miss Sixty boots, too. Don't be around when I take them off. Phew!

i'm such an idiot for letting you go

I found this Iosselliani bracelet on eBay. It was a total shocker because I've never seen Iosselliani listed on eBay EVER. I was very happy to see in my inbox that someone finally listed something. It was starting for $40. I'm thinking- it's all mine. I emailed the seller and everything. He was kind enough to send me close-up pictures including this one.

It closed today and I watched the last 10 minutes intently. Then... as the time narrowed down to the last minute, the price started to soar dramatically sitting at $60something for quite some time. In a panic, I didn't bid and it ended for $129.03.

Now, I'm in huge regret. I have an eBay coupon to save up to $100. I misread it and thought it said on an auction worth up to $100. So... no bid. GGGRRR!!! I'm such a loser- literally and figuratively.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

the titania

These shoes are ridiculously fabulous and I really, really want them! They are LD Tuttle's Titania. I love the combination of open toe with an ankle bootie. But that's not what made my heart racing and my eyes go gaga. They look amazing folded up or folded down. It's like 2 shoes in 1. Originally $475, they are now on sale at Shopbop for $332.50.

Just now checking out the sizes, there are no size 7. Man... that sucks. Now I'm pissed. I already made a quick plan to watch them go down to 70% off. I'll have to make new plans.

pictures from Lamb Ear Shoes

pictures from Shopbop

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'm a hair product junkie. Aside from shampoo and conditioner, I use a minimum of three products at a time. First, I use a hair thickener to get that dirty hair grit without actually having dirty hair (it's a must to wash my hair daily). Then, I use some kind of pomade. I switch between 3-4 different kinds depending on my mood. Finally, I use hairspray.

During one visit to the hairdresser, I was introduced to Davines. To get that high hair I was carrying through the summer, he told me I needed Davines Matt Pliable Putty No. 5. Yeah, that stuff works well but the Bumble & bumble I already had was pretty good, too. He also used Davines Crystal Fixative Lacquer No. 7 but he didn't try to sell it to me. I just bought it. I instantly fell in love with the hold that I got from the hair spray. Now, that product is a winner!

And today... I got a haircut. I have to say, it looks mighty fine. I'm very happy with the results. Prior to getting the cut, I asked the stylist to use one of the Davines shampoos. He used Davines Love. When I asked him why, he said, "It smells good." Huh... that through me for a loop. I wanted him to say that it would manage my Asian hair, it wouldn't weigh it down, it lathers well... or something to that nature. When it was time for conditioner, he switched to Kersastase. I was slightly bummed but he said that the Davines conditioner was too heavy.

So... now, I'm at a loss. I really want to try the Davines shampoos and conditioners. I just don't know which one. For you "I just use drugstore shampoos and conditioners," I'm sorry to bore you. For you fellow product junkies who have used Davines, I would love your input.

I found a site called Blush Beauty that sells the line dirt cheap. DIRT CHEAP I tell you. Osgood O'neil sells the hairspray for $31. I can get it from Blush for $21. Plus, if you use the coupon code BLUSH, you get a mediocre discount on top of their already cheap prices. I need to replenish the hair spray; might as well try out the shampoos and conditioners. PLEASE HELP.

Davines Matt Pliable Putty No. 5

Davines Crystal Fixative Lacquer No. 7

Friday, November 21, 2008

if there were 36 hours in the day, i might attempt this

Hubby was doing some kind of Google search and ended up finding blogs about bento boxes. He showed me his findings and I went crazy for them. He knew it was something I would like. I already spend too much of my personal time with work, I hardly have time to make such cute lunches. It would be nice if someone could do this for me. Aren't they freakin' cute?

pictures from makansiang.blogspot.com

Funny story (or stupid story depending on your mood), I have a bento box. Last summer, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit me from Houston. Amee wanted to go to Neiman Marcus Last Call and I found myself on a trip to the outlet mall. In it, there was a Sanrio Store. Fond childhood memories make me crazy when I go in. As I walked through, I saw the coolest lunch box with Kerro Kerropi, my favorite Sanrio character as a young girl. My brother decided to buy it for me and I was hysterical... HYSTERICAL. I wish I had a recording of the events because then you would realize how funny it was. Now, to the people working there, I was an idiot and they had no appreciation for my enthusiasm. I got lots of rolled eyes and ugly attitude. I didn't care. I was so excited to get my lunch box!

Okay... so back to the point- the above blog got me on a crazy search for bento boxes... and this is how I fell in love with Shinzi Katoh. He is a Japanese designer who creates things with such a fun asthetic. Not only are his designs on bento boxes, he has mugs, glasses, bags, etc. If only I knew where to get his stuff in Dallas... because shipping from Japan really SUCKS. I know... yes, I can order it from a few US sites but then, my pickings are slimmer and I don't want to settle.

from Heliotrope

Monday, November 17, 2008

i miss urban outfitters

I haven't been into an Urban Outfitters in a long while. A friend let me know of a 25% off coupon code but low money flow discouraged any purchase. I'm saddened to see so many things I want. I want this, this, that, and this. Oh... I also want that, this, this, and that. Oops... I forgot about this. Damn... I just want too much. But, isn't everything so lovely?

wallflower rolled cuff $19.99
covet tulip jacket $59.99
pop stripe extra long cardigan $68

Hawks by Geren Ford wool jacket $138
Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister Tzigane coat $268
S Loves C by Spring & Clifton pinstripe drawstring dress $98

Seychelles architectural heel $98
Doublecross snap boot $125
Jeffrey Campbell frill heel $128

Sunday, November 16, 2008

hurray for cheap mondays

There are very few cool lines where you can buy practically any of it for under $100. There was a time when Barneys sold it until it became available at Urban Outfitters. I'm talking about Cheap Monday. I'm one of the few people that haven't purchased a pair of their jeans. It's just a bit self-deprecating to buy a size 1 or 2 larger than you actually are. Why do their jeans have to run small? At some point, I will just have to get over it and get myself a pair. I have a plan to buy them from Revolve (because they're cheaper there than Urban Outfitters and I can make my first purchase at 30% off). I'm such a deal whore.

Anyways, back to Cheap Monday. I just think the clothes are cool. They are simple and wearable. They give just a bit of edge to an outfit. There relatively cheap (compared to $200 jeans). That's what's I like.

passpoal top $38
picture from Urban Outfitters (but sold out and was $50 there anyways)

sporty blouse $50

Carro cardi $60

Karin dress $70

tight jean in black $70

tight jean in indigo $70

Agnes cardigan in black $74

Agnes cardigan in dip dye $92

Sara jacket $95

On a side note... I noticed there was huge mark-up at Urban Outfitters compared to other retailers. If you like Cheap Monday as much as me, you can get it way cheaper from Karma Loop. Then go to RetailMeNot to stack free shipping and 20% off. Your welcome.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I discovered weardrobe.com because of the Fashion Spot. After reading their article, I decided to check out the site. Though I don't find it the easiest website to maneuver, I did find some inspiration. There's a coolness, I don't care what you think simplicity to these looks. I would like to wear all their stuff.

PS... I have some houseguests on an extended stay. They arrived yesterday and they will be here for A WHILE. With my dining room the most suitable place to take pictures, I don't plan on posing for my guests. Unless, I can figure out how to take pictures in my bedroom... it could be as long as two months. Yeah, you heard me. And I had such a cute outfit on today, too... black/ white striped cowlneck top, AA tube skirt, tights, and my tan Frye boots. I will wear it again later!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

drunk blogging

I think I like drunk blogging. Or maybe, I just like being drunk!

Tonight, I went to an auction party. No auction was going on with me. Instead, I drank. It was a Vegas theme party. There was gambling, drinking, eating, socializing, and whatnot. They had a green room that captured your head dancing with another body to whatever music you wanted. They would record it and give you a DVD of the experience. I wanted to do it but Hubby wasn't interested. They had someone doing butt drawings... okay, it was more like charcoal drawings from behind. It was very tasteful. We did that. I gambled $100 some gave me and lost it all. I wish I realized that in my goody bag, I had $200 to gamble. That kind of sucks. Well... now that I think about it, I don't know if they paid out. And... I paid for none of my drinks. 2 people gave me drink tickets. Score! Our night ended with dancing. Hubby and I haven't done that in awhile. It brought back good memories (I met Hubby at a club). After a few songs, we left. It was better to end the night at a good note than to leave at the very end.

Can you tell that I'm drunk?

Oh... and I forgot to mention. I put on Shu Uemura faux lashes. There from a friend who gave them to me for Christmas a couple years ago. I finally decided to try them. After taking these pics, I took the left one off and re-applied several times until I was happy. Enjoy those pictures. I rarely do head shots.

Gap shirt, Vince funnel neck, Goldsign jeans, Miss Sixty boots, Urban Outfitters necklace, J.Crew bracelet

LaRock dress, Vince top, American Apparel leggings, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Lauren Merkin clutch, Banana Republic bangles, Tiffany bracelets

complex geometries

One interesting thing about blogging is it brings you into contact with designers. Some people get to visit their offices, hang out at their parties, get free stuff, etc. I don't have that same luck but their contact is still fun all the same. First, I was emailed by James Perse. That was pretty cool since I love James Perse clothing.

Recently, I was emailed by Complex Geometries. They found my last post about their line. I was happy to receive it. It had been awhile since I last checked out their clothing. I love what they've designed for autumn/ winter.

As I was told- The collection is inspired by the culture of mobility, exploring the pragmatics and aesthetics of travel. Functionally, items are designed to be versatile, light and easy to move. Crumpled silk packs small. Coated fabrics stay clean and dry. Light construction means items can be layered, even in warm climates. Draped dresses and vests provide enough space to carry the whole wardrobe in cleverly disguised pockets. Traditional clothing from around the world also influences the look of the collection. Specifically, souvenir clothing favoured by Western travelers is further decontextualized in reinterpretation.

I love basics that aren't so basic. I love clothes that are fluid and organic. I also love black, white, and grey as much as they do. Then, there are the hoodies. I'm a sucker for a top, dress, or jacket with a hoodie. Complex Geometries and I are a perfect fit.

Now, I just wished they gave me one, some, or all the things below to check it out. Of course, I'm not at that calibur to get free things. Damn...

square hood t $110

black binder t $118

strap tank t dress $140

square hood tank dress $150

wool square hood t $176

point pocket cardigan $180

fleece cocoon $189

wool square hood tank dress $198

wrap cardigan $220

Thursday, November 6, 2008

american apparel unisex circular scarf

I know it's not the first time or will it be the last time you see another blogger talk about the American Apparel unisex circular scarf. I had to jump on the circular scarf bandwagon. So... it's just a large piece of fabric sewn together. So what? It works and simply in the right way. I just wonder if it's humanly possible for anyone to really try all the options American Apparel suggests you can wear it because I think many work only for a photo shoot... particular the looks working it as a dress or top. Personally, I'm interested in wearing it as a double scarf, scarf with hood, shawl, and capelet.

The $28 price tag is doable. Try paying $28 for another circle scarf. It ain't gonna happen! The problem I found is trying to find which color I want the most. $28 times 8 isn't doable. I want all the colors below for sure... plus black and brown. If I could see some of the colors not shown on the site, I'm sure there are more that I want. Now... if it came in raspberry, I don't think there would be any doubts. Raspberry is my favorite AA color. Which one will you get?

Okay... after creating this post... maybe mint is the way to go. I hope it looks as good in person as it does pictured.

2 out of 3

If it wasn't already apparent, I'm starting to get lazy about daily outfit posts. I'm also enjoying creating a collaboration of my looks... winning or not.

I knew Election Day was going to be a long day so effort wasn't in my vocabulary when it came to dressing. I was out at 7 so I could vote before going to work. On a normal day, that would be dreadful but I was so excited to vote, it wasn't as daunting as imagined. I'm glad the candidate I voted for won!

Gap top, C&C California tank, Goldsign Jeans, Roberto del Carlo sandals, J.Crew necklace, F21 cuff

I didn't anticipate being so "polished" looking. I haven't worn the skirt in awhile. I wish you could see all the detail. It has corset-like work around the waist and it's sewn in several panels.

Gap tank, Original Penguin cardigan, Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt, Mike & Chris heels, F21 necklace

This is today's outfit and my least favorite. The top came from LFT and it was the top I tried to exchange over the summer but they wouldn't let me. I tried to make it work but I will have to play with it more. The sales associate tried to help me by telling me to hide it under a blazer. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I do like the ruffles along the chest and the banding at the waist but I'm not too pleased with the sleeves. Maybe I should try to hide it under something.

American Apparel v-neck, Joie blouse, Kerrigan pants, CO-OP Barneys flats, F21 cuff