" My Style Lounge: December 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

if i were into pvc...

I would really want to buy one of these bags below. Ever since Hayden-Harnett got started, I have loved their designs. Of all the ways to discover them, I found them on eBay.

A couple years ago, I was looking for a cool laptop bag because the one my work provided me just didn't do. I ended up finding an olive one with a gold skull stitched on the front. When I looked at what else the seller had to offer, I discovered an Hayden-Harnett wallet. The seller happened to own a store and was getting rid of some stock. I made offers on both and they were accepted by my surprise. When they arrived, I was more than uber happy!

It was then my love for Hayden-Harnett began. I bought several bags and wallets (and some have been passed on to my sister). My interest in HH now comes and gos. Maybe it's a good thing that they've decided to collaborate with Target because I'm really liking what they have to offer. Now, I just need to get my mindframe to accept pvc.

If you are interested in Hayden-Harnett for Target, you can see them here. These are the things I like the most.

umbrella $22.99
If this umbrella lasts long enough for it to be still around when I visit Target next, I will buy it. Umbrellas are always handy to have around.

chain bag $44.99
This is practically an exact copy of one of their old designs. I can kick myself for not buying one when I had the chance. If anything, this reason is enough for me to get over the fact that it's pleather.

canvas flight tote $49.99
The print and color combination is pretty, pretty. I've been wanting one of their flight totes. If I can't get an actual HH one on deep discount, I might have to get this one.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

where are my pants?

Can you say freezing? For the past few days, temperatures have been below or near freezing. It has been a fun few days though. My favorite cousin and his family came to visit and it's just been nonstop. I wouldn't want to spend the beginning of my vacation any other way.

This was 12/20.

Mango dress, Martin & Osa turtleneck, UO belt and necklace, unknown tights, Frye boots

This was 12/21.

James Perse dress, Club Monaco top, Rag & Bone belt, Spanx tights, Frye boots, nameplate necklace, F21 cuff

This was yesterday.

Calypso turtleneck dress, Banana Republic skirt, Zero Maria Conejo belt, DKNY tights, Henry Cuir mary janes, Iosselliani necklace

Thursday, December 18, 2008

better late than never

Hmmm... I bought the maroon top maybe 5-6 years ago (maybe longer) but it's my first time wearing it. Why did it take me so long to wear it? I don't really know. It has a bunch of gold studs throughout the front but you can't really see them unless you were standing in front of me. I think I should wear it more often...

I bought it during a time when I couldn't find anything to buy. I was in need of new things but nothing was really catching my eye. I found it at Nordstrom with some other top but, at the time, they were settling purchases. With the resurgence of studs, it seems to be a fitting time to actually wear it.

I have one more day of work and then I'm chillin' like a villian...

Co-Op Barneys blouse, Mist sleeveless top, Rich & Skinny jeans, Farylrobin heels, J.Crew necklace, F21 cuff

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

xmas wish list part 4: things i want over $100

Okay... so this is the last of it. It's not all the things I want but I think this list will do. It gives my loved ones lots of options. This is obviously the best list but the list I will least likely get anything from. (sigh)

Most of these things can be purchased with insane coupon codes. Shopbop, Tobi, and ChickDowntown are really trying to get your purchase!

Kova & T lace leggings $110
I still want the latex leggings but I want these, too. Code HOLIDAYLOVE takes 30% off until 12/17.

Gorjana Kensington cuff $128

Steve Madden legion boots $139.95
I saw these boots on the manager of Madewell and I immediately fell in love. I've been looking for slouchy boots just like them. An ex once told me that you don't give shoes because it steps on relationships. Asians and their beliefs...

Complex Geometries square hood tank dress $150

Joie Sima henley dress $184

Flip Video Mino HD camcorder $230
I wanted this camcorder last year and I'm glad no one got it for me because now there's the Mino HD! I could do vlogs with this (or maybe not).

Iosselliani rings $244-$270
I tried on a set (the middle one) at Barneys and they instantly made me a ring person. I would wear one of these sets everyday like I already do with my Iosselliani necklace. Use code HOLIDAYTIME for 30% off until 12/25.

Elizabeth and James double cut out bracelet $325

Mayle Billie Doux bag $325
Damn... you are gone, too.

Playstation 3 $400
Game console, blueray player, and more. I don't know why I don't already have one. If only I hadn't bought this or that that has only been touched once.

Elizabeth and James plus chain necklace $425
Awww... it's gone from Shopbop.

Elizabeth and James dagger necklace $525
I need some jaggers around my neck. Use code CHRISTMAS for 40% off.

i spy rain boots

I'm loving this cardigan, if you haven't noticed. I've worn it twice this week. It makes me happy.

Oh... and I'm modeling with my new Hunter boots. I ordered them in November but they arrived in bad shape. After sending them back, my new, lovely pair arrived yesterday. I think they greased them up for me so they were shiny and pretty. I can't wait to wear them!

Gap dress, Madewell cardigan, Spanx tights, Farylrobin heels, Club Monaco necklace and belt

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

beyond bundles

The last couple of days have been frickin' COLD. I've been avoiding as much contact with freezing temperatures as I can. With layers among layers of clothing, I have been cozy all day. Ignore the spots on the second picture. I don't know what's up with that. But I did wear the cardigan though it has a hole in the back. DAMN.

Ladies of the Canyon dress, Madewell cardigan, Martin & Osa turtleneck, Spanx tights, Naturalizer boots, Club Monaco belt, Tiffany ring

James Perse dress, Vince funnelneck, Gap sweater, Spanx tights, Miss Sixty boots, Urban Outfitters necklace

xmas wish list part 3: things i want under $100

Can you believe the list continues? And this is not it. I'm just finishing off all things under $100. Maybe I should just put the rest of the list in one final Xmas wish list.

Chanel quadra eye shadow in smokey eyes $56
My cousin had the most prettiest eye makeup and I had to inquire. Now, I must have it.

Be Baroque brassy tights $75
I LOVE tights. I would be happy to wear them everyday. I LOVE this pair by Be Baroque. There are other pairs that I want from them but I these are on top of my tights wish list.

Bop Basics baseball tee dress $75
This is a pretty cool dress. I'd wear it as a tunic. I love the drapeyness and easy effort of the dress. There are five different colors to choose from but I like this one the best and it's also have price!

Marc by Marc Jacobs two tone gloves $88
I need another pair of gloves. I have one pair and I hate it when I can't find them (especially after the below freezing weather we've been having. These are pretty cool.

Complex Geometries square hood tee $96
It's essential that I have something from Complex Geometries in my wardrobe!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

my favorite sandals

The weather is nice so I'm happy to wear something other than boots for a day. It's kind of weird to wear sandals in December but I'm not complaining.

I've received a request from someone to buy my brown leather version of these sandals. I'm really mulling over this idea. Even though the tan canvas pair is my favorite, I'm just scared one day they will die and I won't have a fall back shoe. Don't worry, Alyssa. I'm still thinking about you!

Vince top, Kain tee, Habitual jeans, Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals, Malababa bag, Iosselliani necklace, and usual arm candy

xmas wish list part 2: thing i want under $50

This is not the last of it. Each day, I will share the things I want until it goes to the unreasonable (but not too unreasonable; I know no one is going to get me a Chanel bag). I have to say, it's getting more fun to make these lists, too. Am I just crazy or do you want the same things?

Sew U $25.99
I started typing an explanation and realized that the discussion of sewing should be put in another post. Let's just say I want this book because Wendy of Built by Wendy knows how to make fun stuff.

Free People beauty sleep eye mask $28
I've always wanted a sleep mask but never saw any that I thought were cute enough until now. I wonder if they would help me sleep longer or would it come off in the middle of the night. I want one anyways.

The Lucky Guide $30
Lucky Magazine is one of my favorite pieces of mail to get. I have the first book. Now, I NEED the second.

Domino: The Book of Decorating $32
Domino is my favorite magazine. Out of the plethora of subscriptions, this is the one magazine that is constantly referenced. I'm so happy they came out with a book!

Nyko charge station charging dock for Wii $32.99
I'm so over having to replace the batteries in my remotes after a week of play. I need a charger that won't make me worry if I have any batteries left. My brother was suppose to get it for me when he worked at Micro Center but that never happened (and if you can't tell, he no longer works there).

Make Up for Ever aqua eyes collection $35
Make Up for Ever is one of the best lines of make-up for the girl that likes color. They are so true and vivid and fun. I have 2 or 3 of the aqua eye pencils and I want to play with more.

American Apparel boa black shiny high-waist leggings $44
I've been wanting a pair of Kova & T oxy leggings FOREVER (okay, not really; more for like several months) but I'm so worried about the fit (I'm a shorty). I'm thinking I would have to get them hemmed which would lose the awesome cutout heel. I tried on the AA boa black version and I LOVE them. I wouldn't be paranoid that I look like a freak in public since they are shiny but not TOO shiny.

UPDATE: I took off the Make Up for Ever Glossy Full Couleur Collection because I just bought it. : )

UPDATE (12/23): I saw the Where the Wild Things Are plush toys and they are not as awesome as I hoped. They are pretty cheap looking. Am I surprised? Not really.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

xmas wish list: things i want under $25

If anything, this list will be fun for you to look at. Every year, I make a wish list. It all started when I wanted to help the Hubby figure out what I wanted. This was one detailed list, too. I made sure to have a picture, description, price, retailers, and links. Sometimes, he picked things on the list. Sometimes, he already had in mind what he wanted to get me. Then, I started to make a list for my brother and sister, too. It just became something fun to do. One year, my mom asked for a list. That was kinda weird because she usually just gave me a check. Then, I got an ugly email from my mom that I shouldn't ask for things. Therefore, mom and brother and sister no longer get a list unless they ask. Surprisingly, my brother's girlfriend and my cousin's wife asked for a list. So... I decided to publish it for all to see (so basically, they would see it, too).

Most of it is going to be for fun... like every other wish list I have already posted. This list is going to be the most reasonable since everything is under $25. There will be more to come. Have fun checking out what I want!

Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreak $9.99

cock-a-doodle timer $10
I like cute kitchen stuff.

sea glass goblet and tumbler $12-$14
I don't need any glasses but I think these are so pretty.

Shinzi Katoh forest drive mug $15
I love all things Shinzi Katoh so you won't stop seeing below.

Shinzi Katoh water bottles $15-$18
I've been wanting an aluminum water bottle and I'm glad I didn't buy one yet because these are crazy cute.

Shinzi Katoh toaster dish $16
I never wanted a glass dish so badly as I do now.

jouy dishtowel $18
I have a thing for kitchen towels.

The One Hundred $21.95
Nina Garcia's first book was aww...ight, but I checked this one out at Barnes & Noble and it appears much better. I love the idea of sorting out your wardrobe down to what's most essential. Plus, the illustrator is amazing!

Shinzi Katoh double cup $22
Glasses that aren't made of glass... love it!

serving bowl, inside out and atom art $24
I have these bowls in the smaller version... 12 of them! Though Anthropologie calls them serving bowls, I think these would make great noodle bowls to compliment my smaller rice bowls. I need 4 of each.

Eccentric Glamour $24
I think Simon Doonan is hilarious. I need a book that gives me a few laughs.

Old Navy scarf cardigan $25
I saw this on someone today and it was crazy hot on her. I want all of these colors!

it's too late to change

I don't care for this outfit. I think it's because I hate these boots now. I just hate flat shoes. They do nothing for me. Too bad I have no time to change. Whatever.

Kerrigan tunic, Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan, American Apparel leggings, Naturalizer boots, J.Crew necklace

Friday, December 12, 2008

because i like italian things

I thought I wanted a pair of Converse lo-tops. I even ordered a pair from Shopbop. When they arrived, they had 3 things going against them. I felt like they were a bit big (though they were my usual Converse size), the color wasn't exactly what I wanted (they were suppose to be cream but they looked a little too yellow for me), and they went on sale right after I ordered them. So... I sent them back. Now, I want a pair of Supera sneakers. There is a dilemma. I can't decide between white or ecru. Is white too white? Once they get a bit dirty, will they achieve the color I want? Or does ecru serve my need for some off-white sneakers? Will you please help me pick?

FYI, if you also want a pair of Superga (or maybe Minnetonkas), ShoeBuy is offering $20 off a $50 purchase when you use Paypal. Then, if you register with Shoebuy, they take an automatic additional discount off your purchase. And don't forget to use Lucky Rewards. They give 12% cash back (the percentage was larger over the summer, but like I've said before, you take what you can get).

PS... I also want a pair of John Varvatos by Converse slip-ons. They are half price at Shopbop. I just wish I didn't have such an issue with their slip-on sizing.