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Thursday, December 24, 2009

co-op boots

I've recently bought two pairs of boots from Barneys (I'll share them with you soon.). I also saw this Co-Op pair when checking out the site. After making a phone call, I discovered that there is a pair left in Beverly Hills.

Pull-on ankle boot? Check. Mid-heel Wedge? Check. Interesting leather detail along the front? Check. Do you think I should get them? I don't want to spend $12 to ship if they are a dud.

CO-OP Barneys side tab ankle boot $227

disco nights necklace

I received an email from Anthropologie that their holiday started yesterday... so I decided to take a browse online. While browsing, I found this necklace. I love the mix of solid and faceted baubles along a group of chains. I also like that it's 38 inches long. Do you think I should get it?

disco nights necklace $29.95

Friday, December 11, 2009

shoe obsessed

All I can think about lately are shoes. I've been on a mission. I only like maybe 6 pairs of my shoes and the rest really should be trashed (not even worth giving to Goodwill). The last post was about a shoe that I love but know would only see the light of my closet. Now these... I bet I would wear all the time. They don't look like much when pictured alone so I tried to give it some justice with J.Crew pictures from their catalog (where I discovered these shoes and the small shoe company that hand makes them). They are not pretentious. They are no show stoppers. They are a combination of cute and comfort. Oh... I think I am in love.

from J.Crew and

Thursday, December 10, 2009

so wrong but so right

Dolce Vita 'April' pumps

I really want these pumps. My sanity is telling me that even with a 1 inch platform, it doesn't make up for the 5 inch heel. My rule is no greater than a 3 inch difference. Basically, I learned that I can do 3 inches for 8 hours. Um... maybe these won't kill. These are seriously HOT. Can I get an AMEN?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anna Sui for Target

Last weekend, I was browsing the Target website wondering if any cute lines have come by its way and lo and behold... the Anna Sui line just came out. I instantly drove to my closest Target and tried on a rack of clothes. A lot of it is cute and if I had money to waste, I might have bought a few things. But $70 for a dress I would probably only wear once (and then get uninterested), that wasn't going to happen.

I did find one must buy item and just made sure to hold my breath as I went through the check-out line. It's this silk jumper... full of pockets, grossgrain ribbons to adjust along the waist and back, and fun pleats. I bought it in my usual size since it's meant to be oversized. With the ties, I can make as loose or fitted as I want. Plus, it's a seasonless piece so I'm going to wear it tons.

Friday, September 11, 2009

christopher kane for topshop

Mucho lo siento mi amigos y amigas (hey don't shoot me if my Spanish is off). I didn't realize how much time I allowed to pass before I returned to my blog. But suddenly... something has caused an itch in me to blog once again (at least for today)- Christopher Kane. I love all the mesh, eyelets, gems, and crocodile prints in his Topshop collection. If only I was in New York (or whereever one can find a Topshop) next week... If only I had a lot of money to blow (because this collection ain't cheap)... If only...

source: Topshop

Friday, July 31, 2009

road kill

It's been awhile since I've gotten excited by anything on Etsy. I was looking for a camera ring which somehow lead to a boombox necklace which then lead me to Road Kill (or Elaine Ho Jewelry). Road Kill is an Etsy shop that specializes in handcrafted silver jewelry. She's got crazy categories like nerd, all you can eat, and roadkill. I'm really feeling her designs and I want to own one (or more) of her pieces. I'm favoring these. (Oh... and you can also go to her website to see all of her designs.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

6 ways to wear a scarf

Maybe you are like me. You loves scarves but your knowledge is limited on how to wear it. Sometimes when you see a scarf worn just like how you want it (in a magazine or online or on a person), you try to save that picture. Still... at the end of the day, you're a little bit lost and you go back to that go-to style.

Well, let's fear not. I was checking out Leigh & Luca (one of my favorite scarf designers) this morning and I saw a tab- How to Wear. Could this be for real? I was happy to see them share six ways to wear a scarf. They've gotten written directions with visuals. They even have a video. Here it is. Watch and Enjoy! Let the scarf wearing begin!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

oh, and did i mention...

... that I really want these Surface to Air buckle sandals? I've have been admiring them from cyber space for quite some time. They're gray (though they come into other great colors, too), they have a wedge heel, they have cutouts, and they're adorned with buckles. They're so me! What's not there to love?

still into spikes

You know... I really wanted that Elizabeth and James dagger necklace but it's $525 and I'm not in the mood to spend that much. (If only I had taken advantage of chickdowntown.com's insane Christmas discounts, it would already be mine.) This spikes necklace by chrishabana is only $125 and fits into my budget very nicely. Plus, it's simplicity is kinda nice and I appreciate the longer chain. I bet I would wear it tons.

Friday, June 19, 2009

new shoes

I've been in dire need of shoes. Well, to be clear, I have a LOT of shoes. Unfortunately, I don't like most of them. I should seriously do a thorough review of my shoes and clean house.

Well, today, I decided to stop by Barneys and see if there was anything worth buying. Most of their clearance has an additional 25% off price. I found two pairs. Tell me if they are worth keeping.

I have been needing a pair of flats that were good for work. Coincidentally, I have been eyeing this pair. I remember seeing them on the website in white and grey... so I got myself a pair of Lanvin flats and I think they're perfect.

I also need a pair of sandals so I got these by Fiorentini + Baker. (Yes, I bought a pair at the start of warmer weather but they've been begging for a break) I think these are good for everyday wear. They have some interesting details and are very comfortable. They've also got a perfect mix of girlishness and androgyny.

Monday, June 15, 2009

i want to wear yigal azrouël's spring collection

source: style.com

Yigal Azrouël makes pretty clothes. I wish I had a closet full of his 2009 spring collection to wear during these hot summer days (because all I've been wearing are t-shirts and jeans). The man is truly talented.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

pompom pompom

I adore anything with pompoms. It doesn't hurt if it's yellow, too. I'll fill this pompom pouch with lipgloss, lip balms, Aleve, and Paul Frank band-aids.

Monday, June 1, 2009

i think i just fell in love...

...with this Vanessa Bruno handbag from Totokaelo. I have a thing for crossbody bags and grey things.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

need new shoes

These shoes would be a good replacement for my near dead and much beloved Roberto del Carlos.

Lanvin woven sandal $745

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i feel like me again

Finally, I post pictures of some of my latest outfits and more. You know... I look forward to outfit posts from my favorite bloggers the most. Then, I allow myself to slack off. I think I'm allowed to once in awhile.

I wore this on 5/16. The jeans, top, and shoes are new. All I want to wear are the jeans and shoes everyday. I'll just rotate the tops. If only the weather would allow me to wear this sweater everyday, too.

Loomstate for Target top, Gap "my favorite" cardigan, Current/ Elliott jeans, DV Dolce Vita sandals, Club Monaco belt, Iosselliani necklace

I wore this on 5/19. The dress is too long and I keep meaning to have it shortened but I think it works with a skirt underneath (this time).

Porridge dress, Gap skirt, Roberto del Carlo sandals, Urban Outfitters cuff, Iosselliani necklace

This is what I wore today. I debut my new haircut. I got my haircut about 4 weeks ago but HATED it. I don't know why but I allowed myself to endure it but sanity took over and I went back to get it fixed yesterday. Sergio was nice enough to fix my hair. I'm more than pleased. Lesson learned- if you don't like your cut, don't be shy to let the stylist know. They want to make you happy.

C. Keer top, Madewell cardigan, Current/ Elliott jeans, DV Dolce Vita sandals, Suzana Gordon necklace

Saturday, May 23, 2009

who is tracy feith?

Target's latest GO Collection somehow crept by without any attention from me. I was just browsing the Target site and was surprised by a collection by Tracy Feith. Where have I been? To be honest, I didn't even know who he was. I didn't even know he was a he.

I'm a little bit perplexed by the collection. For the most part, it's too bright and floral for my taste. If I had money to waste, I might pick up one or two of the solid dresses. Instead, I'd like to keep my money in the bank (until I pick up a Jas MB bag). In the meantime, I think I can handle getting this top. For some reason, I love it.

Tracy Feith For Target Number 8 Tee $14.99

P.S. I got my haircut today. It suits me perfectly and I LOVE it. That means, maybe I'll post an outfit again.

a handbag genius

In my opinion, Jas is a handbag genius. Don't be surprised if I pick up one of his bags from Barneys this summer. I'll be pissed if this one is snatched before I can get it.

Jas MB medium curve handle bag $425

P.S. I really HATE the haircut I got about 4 weeks ago. Hence, I'm not in the mood to post outfits. I'm thinking about going back to the salon tomorrow if I get the chance for a hair correction. My sanity needs it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

my two cents

The Knife is on constant play on my iPod. I love driving my new Mini Cooper Clubman. I'm going through some hard times. I can't wait until summer. That's all I have to say.

odille camisole, Madewell cardigan, Rich & Skinny jeans, Roberto del Carlo sandals, Suzana Gordon necklace

American Apparel shirt, Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress turned skirt, Roberto del Carlo sandals, F21 necklace, Urban Outfitters belt

Monday, May 4, 2009

jeans i can sleep in

Yeah, I probably shouldn't have but when a deal like this comes by, you can't let it pass. Barneys had 40% off women's denim for one day so I stopped by. I tried on a pair of PRPS. Though I still want a pair, these were a bit too distressed and just plain trying too hard... so I passed. I also tried on several pairs of Current/ Elliott. I came home with these two- the boyfriend and the super slouchy skinny. They are so amazingly soft and comfortable, they are worth buying at regular price. Oh... and having to go one and two sizes smaller than my usual size definitely helps the self-esteem.

if you haven't had enough of alexander wang

He's not going anywhere. If anything, he's lending his hand and name to Gap projects. The next CFDA/Vogue Fashion collaboration offers designs by Vena Cava and Alexander Wang for Gap. The entire collection consists of khakis. I'm not much for khakis but I have to admit I'm kind of excited. Expect to see them at your local Gap on June 16th.

source: www.racked.com

Sunday, May 3, 2009

tortured by the glamourai

My fellow Texan gone to New York City and reaching amazing heights (from what I can only guess and imagine), Glamourai, has chosen to torture me with her awaited Etsy store. She's shown her talent with her DIY sunglasses and bib necklaces and now offers us the opportunity to buy a piece. If I had some extra bucks, I would snag these. Maybe the Fashion Gods will prevent others from buying them, weeks will pass by, and I'll only be left to make one a guest in my home. Or the Fashion Gods will slap me awake,I'll just come to my senses, and get one now. I'm very tempted. We'll see...

jerome dreyfuss is hot

Hey Jerome,

You'd make me a very happy girl if I could have 1 (or 2 or 3 or all) of these bags/ wallets. Damn... your bags are the shit (seriously).