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Thursday, January 15, 2009

always wanting what i can't have

I wanted this dress in black. Made a rush order when I saw it selling out on Target online. Then tried it on at the store (surprised to see a heavy helping of most things worth getting) and realized that I ordered a size too big. I suddenly ached for the blue version... probably because I didn't take the small opportunity I had to get it. In the end, I'm happy with black. It suits me more. I felt pretty.

Thakoon for Target dress, DKNY tights, Naturalizer boots, Urban Outfitters cuff

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Brook and Lyn said...

That looks really great on you! I read some bad reviews on the line but seems like that dress is an exception. Did you buy anything else from the line? Thank you so much for writing all the great things about my blog, I really appreciate it.

Also the Slow and Steady Wins the race wedges...if you can you should wait for summer to buy them that would be best. The problem with the heel does not happen over night but after a month or so of wearing them. The owner of the company gave me a hard time about exchanging them since it was a far from when I purchased them. It's totally a manufacturing problem...they say they get two shipments a year from the factory and it only happens in the first one which is total BS since I got my shoes at totally different places at totally different times of the year. Sorry for ranting but this kind of stuff bugs me endlessly...just wait to get them for summer. As soon as you feel the bump call them directly and return them..also buy it at their website...it's cheaper!