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Saturday, January 10, 2009

because i need a million and two

I was talking about scarves with a friend tonight. She's developed a newfound interest in scarves. Only having the one I bought her from American Apparel, she's bought 3 in the last month. I told her I have a million and one. Then, I was browsing Blogspot blogs and saw one of the Olsens. There was a photo of Mary-Kate wearing a seriously fabulous scarf to the screening of "Benjamin Button." I read that it's by Louis Vuitton. I wish I had $725 to blow.

It got me on a mini search for a similar scarf only to find a piece of lovely at Barneys. I wouldn't mind having one. They come in five color options and happen to be on sale. When Barneys says they are having their up to 75% off sale, why couldn't this item be one of them? *sigh*

Keffia Scarf

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