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Monday, January 5, 2009

brown, grey, and black

Today, the temperatures are at freezing levels, it wouldn't stop raining, there are icicles on all the trees, and the electricity wouldn't stop going out at work. I don't know how I got anything done.

My new cozy sweater kept me warm though. I bought it for $33 (on sale) and when it gets cheaper, I'm going to get it in grey and black, too. I love it that much. That should be a new year's resolution- only buy anything in one color. But I don't like that resolution so I'm not going to attempt it. The necklace is new, too. I've been wanting something like it for a long time.

turtleneck dress: J.Crew, cardigan: Gap, tights: Spanx, boots: Naturalizer, necklace: FCUK, ring: Tiffany, belt: Zero Maria Conejo

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