" My Style Lounge: glimpse of spring

Thursday, January 29, 2009

glimpse of spring

I thought I would move away from the drab mix of grey, black, and cream (for a day) and wear some bright colors. It made me feel a bit weird. I don't really like this skirt anymore but I bought it so I'm going to wear it (at least a couple times). I'm wearing a mix of new things that aren't so new. The belt and cardigan have been sitting in my closet for awhile- belt (several months) and cardigan (a month). I really need to stop doing that.

Martin+Osa turtleneck, Madewell cardigan, viola skirt, Buji Baja belt, Spanx tights, Miss Sixty boots, Lenora Dame necklace


wottoncool said...

i like how you layer all your clothes, esp with sleeves of varying lengths. awesome boots too!

Brook and Lyn said...

Spring seems just too far away in NY...your pink sweater is a nice reminder though! I can't wait to see some of your knits! I use to knit...maybe I should pick it up again.

wroxton said...

wottoncool, thanks a bunch; I love those boots so much and it's starting to show. They will have to go to shoe heaven soon.

Brook and Lyn, unlike you... I can wait for spring. I'm still enjoying layering. The next thing I want to knit is a circular scarf. I hope it happens soon.

Brook and Lyn said...

I can't remember where I saw the nice circular scarf but seems so awesome...was with with thick yarn.