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Saturday, January 3, 2009

i love madewell

The damage I would have done if I discovered Madewell sooner. I guess they've been in Dallas for a little more than 2 years but I only discovered them last spring. I can't believe they're an offspring of J.Crew because I like Madewell so much more. I'm particularly in love with their cardigans and scarves.

I check out their website almost daily in hopes that they've finally opened their shopping section. They've been saying it will be up since last summer. What's the deal? In the meantime, I have to settle with their "Madewell Looks." They recently posted some new pictures for spring and there is lots to be desired. Here are the Looks I like the most.

city trench $198
embroidered spring scarf $68
skinny low jeans $110
Broadway shopper $198
downtown ankle book $139.99

striped cropped cardigan $68
vintage lace top $88
printed cotton crinkle scarf $48
garment-dyed zip crop jeans $92
Broadway shopper $198
heritage heel boot $179.99

drawstring cardigan $62
wool flutter top $78
garment-dyed zip crop jean $92
downtown ankle boot $139.99

shrunken cardigan $68
year round tank $16.95
embroidered spring scarf $68
skinny low jeans $200 (uh... that's a bit ridiculous; I'd rather have a pair of Current/Elliot)
broome street bag $248
archive suede boot $179.99


Leigh said...

I love the items from Madewell but the nearest store to me is in New Jersey and I live in Pennsylvania. I would love to go and try on the items.

wroxton said...

Hopefully, they will open more locations or get their darn shopping section of their site up and running. They have the best sales, too!

You might go to the other side and become a Madewellaholic. The clothing is less contrived and the atmosphere of the store is very laidback compared to J.Crew.