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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

an odd conversation

I had a conversation that went somewhat like this:

co-worker A: Would you wear grey pants with a red sweater?
me: Yes, why?
co-worker A: My black sweater is losing it's shape and co-worker B said to wear it with red.
me: Grey is a neutral. It goes with everything.
co-worker A: Really?

Of course, I most likely wouldn't wear grey pants with red because I don't really wear red. But, really... do you not see that grey is pretty basic? I don't know why this person even asks my opinion because I like black with brown and black with navy when most people don't. I don't know how much she values my opinion.

Gap dress, Calypso dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt, Zero Maria Conejo belt, DKNY tights, Miss Sixty boots, FCUK necklace, usual assortment of bracelets and bangles

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