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Sunday, January 18, 2009

one more in black

I wore this yesterday. The day was pretty and a sweater was just enough to keep me cozy. I brought a scarf just in case it got cooler. That didn't happen.

I love this sweater so much, I ordered another one in black. I wish I had my hands on a grey one when I had the chance but they are nowhere to be found. It's the kind of sweater that your grandma would love to wear but rocks on you so much more.

And yes, I knit. I'm thinking about pulling out the needles and some yarn and making something... just not another scarf. Okay, I just now realized I lied. I want to make a circular scarf thingy so I can pull it over my head or where it on my head if necessary, and keep warm. I wish I knew where to find the yarn I used to make this scarf... I love it so much.

Vince top, Gap sweater, BDG jeans, Roberto del Carlo sandals, Foley & Corinna bag, DIY scarf, J.Crew bracelet


Shini said...

love how you wore the same colour for your bag and shoes, love the bag btw!!

wroxton said...

I try to make at least two things I'm wearing similar in color. The rest can be whatever. It makes me feel a little more coordinated.