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Friday, January 9, 2009

polaroids are forever

Polaroids are timeless. I wished I use mine more and I was sad to hear that they were disappearing (is this truth or fiction?). In any case, Fashionista let me know of Poladroid. You can make your own Polaroids with your digital pictures. I went to the site and downloaded the application. I have to say it's a pretty cool little tool. You just click on the shortcut on your desktop and a Polaroid camera opens up. Then, you drag one of your pictures to the camera and voila... a Polaroid pops out. You can grab it and shake it as you wait for it to develop. Once it's ready, it will be saved in your pictures folder. It comes out true, kind of fuzzy Polaroid style. It's pretty much guaranteed fun! Until I get bored, I'm going to use it for the blog.

You can't tell but my under sweater is purple. The weather has been uber nice, too, so I pulled out my Old Navy wedges. It's been a nice change of pace.

Madewell sweater, Club Monaco sweater, Habitual jeans, Old Navy wedges, Iosselliani necklace

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