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Monday, January 19, 2009

samples are a woman's best friend

I've been wanting to try Davines shampoos and conditioners ever since I fell head over heels for the Davines Crystal Fixative Lacquer No. 7, the best hairspray EVER!

When I found Blush Beauty, I was super happy. Not only did I found my regularly priced $32 hairspray for a much better price of $21.05, I discovered that they sold travel-sized kits, too. I decided to try out two. And I have to say... I am so happy that I decided to make a smaller investment in travel sizes because the verdict is... nothing beats Bumble & bumble's gentle shampoo and super rich conditioner.

At the same time, it was fine to try something new and get the curiosity bug out of me.

Yes, they fill their bottles only about 3/4ths full.

This is the best hairspray EVER! EVER!


allison said...

That hairspray has the cutest packaging ever! How does it compare to Bumble & bumble's spray de mode?


wroxton said...

I haven't tried spray de mode but I have used Bumble & bumble's classic hairspray which I loved for a long until until I used Davines. Suddenly, there was no comparison. I should try spray de mode someday.