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Sunday, January 4, 2009

there's more than one way to skin a cat...

or where this dress.

I hadn't checked out the Calypso website in some time so I decided to take a look last week while I was doing nothing in Houston. I saw:

This time of year, they always have a MAD sale. That's how I found them last year! On one fashion site, there was a post on $19 turtleneck dresses at Calypso. After a few calls, I realized there was a location in Dallas. That led me to walking in, which led me to buying the turtleneck dresses, which led me to buy a lot more things. If I can remember correctly, after 3 or so trips within a month of first hearing about them, I bought 3 turtleneck dresses, 3 wrap dresses, another dress, and 2 handbags. Oh, and a shirt. Yes, I went kind of ballistic. I have only been back once since last January.

Okay, so back to the sale in real time. I'm browsing the sale online and I'm finding a ton of cute dresses. I see one dress- check jersey wrap dress but there's no image so I click on it. Out of all the desired dresses, this is the one that gets me the most excited. Who doesn't like the idea of a dress that converts to a plethora of other styles?

The problem becomes- should I get white or red or both? Which one do you prefer?

My indecisiveness leads to no purchase. It leads to a lot of the things I was interested in to be gone. It also leads me to continue thinking about this dress. I'm most in love with the big checks pattern and how it drapes. I also love the many ways it can be worn. The next question is- will I really wear it in all the ways it is pictured? Do I have the guts to bear my back? Do I want to bear my back? I bought AA's le sac dress last summer and it still has the pricetag hanging on it.

HELP ME! Oh,and check out the sale, too. It's worth it.

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