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Thursday, January 8, 2009

what should i do

Something is going on with Language. 1- There inventory is limited. 2- They have a coupon code "final sale" which gives you 60% off your entire purchase. Ummm... that's a lot. Could they be closing?

I was hoping to buy some Iosselliani jewelry but there isn't anything to choose from. In an effort to waste time, I decided to see what they have. This Koyuki Houndstooth capelet caught my eye. I have been wanting something like this (just not necessarily in houndstooth). With 60% off, I can get it for $70. Do I really want it?


Amee said...

That's cute! Go for it!

Sunsparkle said...

That's totally your style! Go for it! (and then can I borrow it-hehe??)

wroxton said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'm a little weary to purchase it because I have had bad experience buying a brand I'm not familiar with online (and the cape is final sale). I do need to find something just like it (or just suck it up and buy this one)!